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Nick Cannon Will Not Be Fired From 'The Masked Singer,' Fox Confirms

The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon found himself in some very hot water after a controversial guest and interview on his podcast lead to his firing from his role on Wild N Out and to many fans calling for his firing from the smash hit singing competition on Fox.

Fox has now addressed the situation and clarified where they stand on Nick's employment.

On a recent episode of Nick's podcast, he got into hot water for controversially agreeing with some anti-Semitic statements made by his guest, Professor Griff.

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Nick also controversially stated that "It's never hate speech. You can't be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people. When we are the same people who they want to be. That's our birthright. We are the true Hebrews."

After it was reported that he had been fired from his *Wild N Out* hosting gig, Nick to Twitter to apologize.

""They reinforced the worst stereotypes of a proud and magnificent people and I feel ashamed of the uninformed and naïve place that these words came from. The video of this interview has since been removed," he wrote as part of a long thread of apologies.

Fox has now issued a statement on whether or not they will be letting Nick go from his position at *The Masked Singer*.

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“When we were made aware of Nick Cannon’s interview with Richard Griffin on YouTube, we immediately began a dialogue with Nick. He is clear and remorseful that his words were wrong and lacked both understanding and context, and inadvertently promoted hate," FOX said in a statement.

"This was important for us to observe. Nick has sincerely apologized, and quickly taken steps to educate himself and make amends."

"On that basis and given a belief that this moment calls for dialogue, we will move forward with Nick and help him advance this important conversation, broadly,” they said.

This must be a relief for Nick to hear!