Whoa, The Wachowskis Are Working On A Fourth 'Matrix' Movie

Alicia D'Aversa 10 May 2019

It's a good day for Matrix and Keanu Reeves fans now that this has just been confirmed!

It has been confirmed and it is in the works. All we're missing is a release date, but that likely won't come for a while.

The Matrix stars Keanu Reeves, and takes place in a dystopian future.

Humanity is trapped inside a simulated reality called the Matrix. It was created by thought-capable machines.

When Neo uncovers this truth, he begins a rebellion against the machines.

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Lana and Lilly Wachowski are working on a fourth Matrix movie.

Yes, that’s right. A fourth Matrix movie. And even better, it’ll be following the original movies.

So who is the hero who broke the news?

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Chad Stahelski confirmed the news!

Stahelski is both the director of John Wick Chapter 3, and was Keanu’s stunt double in the Matrix films!

He told Yahoo Movies Uk, “I’m super happy that the Wachowskis are not just doing a Matrix, but they’re expanding what we all loved,”

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We can't wait to hear more about it.

Keanu Reeves is a celebrity that fans have always loved and respected.

Seeing him come back in what is arguably his most iconic role would be nothing short of amazing.

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