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Fans Still Don't Know What To Think About Thor In 'Avengers: Endgame'

Thor has been the subject of discussion amongst fans of the MCU lately.

Not all of it is so good. Thor: Ragnarok set up the character as someone who experienced such a massive range of growth. But some fans feel as though Endgame ripped that away.

Thor's story has been a very interesting one.

Thor's entire plotline from beginning to end has always been interesting for fans to watch.

He has had to prove himself as a god, had to learn to work with others, and more.

His life has been extremely hard.

Between losing literally his entire family, home, and some of his best friends, he hasn't exactly had an easy life.

Endgame is the first time that we really get to see Thor break down.

His characterization in the movie has divided some fans.

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Some fans loved how Thor was portrayed in the film, while others hated it.

Some seem to like certain aspects of it while hating other aspects. It's all very confusing, but we're here to help out.

In 'Endgame' Thor is seriously suffering.

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He is feeling the guilt of not defeating Thanos in time, and the reality of his past and present finally catch up with him.

He is the victim to panic attacks, has major depression, and has also started drinking. He has also gained some weight.

It's clearly haunting fans.

Some fans were pretty surprised to see how Thor was portrayed.

And, of course, Twitter is the place everyone goes to when they need to talk about their sorrows.

Some fans think his characterization is spot on.

While the debate is ongoing on Twitter, some fans love what the Russos did with Thor in Endgame.

They found him to be extremely relatable.

But the issue many have was how they used it for humor.

Which is absolutely fair. We shouldn't be laughing at Thor's weight.

There's nothing wrong with it!

So where does that leave us?

We absolutely hate the fact that Thor's weight gain was used for humor! But we did love that he had very human emotions.

Obviously, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and we're not about to take that away from you.

So go ahead and tell us your opinion! Let us know what you think about Thor in the comments!