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Reese’s Just Released Ice Cream Cakes And I’m Already Making Freezer Space

Reese's peanut butter cups aren't just a staple of our childhoods—they're a staple of the past, present, and future. They're the undeniable monarch of the candy world. Do I even need to make my case? You get the hype.

In case you weren't aware, there's a legitimate Reese's holiday.

I Love Reese's Day takes place on May 18th of this year, and I vote that we all get the day off of work, gather in a nearby park, and pay homage to the peanut butter cup gods through a ceremony in which we pour peanut butter over our heads, look up into the brilliant bright sky, and thank the universe for their chocolaty creation.

Or we could, you know, just eat some Reese's I guess. Either one sounds good to me.

This year, Reese's released a new product so that we can celebrate in style.

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The new Reese's Ice Cream Cake fulfills all your dessert dreams.

One cake "apparently" serves nine to twelve people, but they know damn well that we're all going to order one for ourselves and ourselves only.

It isn't just any old cake.

We're talking peanut butter chunks; we're talking chocolate ice cream; we're talking peanut butter and whipped icing; with the perfect Hershey's chocolate drizzle on top.

This is all too much for my heart to handle.

“We can’t think of a better way to kick off ice cream season."

Rich Products

Rich Products' shopper marketing manager Kimberly O'Brien shared a statement today to announce the new product:

"Our new cake innovation, the Reese’s Ice Cream Cake, combines everything we love: chocolate, peanut butter and ice cream for a dessert worth indulging in!”

Are you even prepared?

I feel more than ready for I Love Reese's day. I was born ready. This is my destiny.