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Pennywise Is More Terrifying Than Ever In The New Trailer For 'IT: Chapter Two'

It's hard to imagine that the It movies could get any scarier than they already were. Horror fanatics will tell you that the 1968 television mini-series starring Tim Curry wasn't that scary, but I beg to differ.

Then, 2017 hit us with a cinematic take on Stephen King's novel and even the trailer had me hiding behind my hands.

Welcome back to Derry, folks! Because the sequel Chapter Two is coming for us and they're saying it's going to be even scarier. I'm already shaking in fear and only the trailer's been released!

The trailer for the sequel of the 2017 horror movie was recently released.

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Called _IT Chapter Two, _The Losers' Club are all grown up and Pennywise is hungry for more fun.

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If you saw the 2017 movie adaptation, you know how excited Stephen King fans and horror movie buffs were.

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The general consensus was that while the movie was well-done, it wasn't the most terrifying they've ever seen.

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If you weren't satisfied with the scare-level from a couple years ago, get ready for the sequel.

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This movie is based on the second half of Stephen King's novel, which is set 27 years later.

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During CinemaCon that rook place last year in Las Vegas, the movie's director Anthony Muschietti told attendees to "Bring your adult diapers."

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He also said that it "will be even more scary than last year's horror blockbuster."

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Despite his warning, fans are r e a d y.

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Normally if a movie is more terrifying, people like me tend to steer clear. But not horror movie fans.

And Stephen King fans are a whole different breed.

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This will not be me. But you do you, boo boo.

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I truly cannot understand people who get the thrill out of horror the way they do.

However, while I can't get it (no pun intended), I do respect it.

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The movie is even Steven King approved, so you know it's gonna be scary good.

Do you think Stephen King gets scared watching the screen adaptations of his novels?

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If you're not a chicken like me, watch the trailer here for yourself.

Let us know if you'll be seeing the new horror film this fall or if you'll be giving it a hard pass!

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