9+ On-Screen Mistakes That Definitely Weren't Supposed To Make The Final Cut

Y'all ready to talk about that moment on Game of Thrones?

No, not the thing involving dragons. No, not that one character who died. No, not the Iron Throne.

We're talking about a blooper involving Starbucks and the Mother of Dragons.

Here's a bunch of the funniest "wow, that fully does not belong there" bloopers from TV and film.

"Downton Abbey" — The Water Bottle

Direct Expose

Okay, so before you ask: on the fireplace mantle, right hand side, in between the vase and...the other vase. It may also be an urn.

This publicity shot from Downton Abbey looks hilarious with the out-of-place water bottle.

"Pulp Fiction" — The Bullet Holes

YouTube | Cinefix

See the bullet holes behind Samuel L Jackson? Well, they definitely belong in the scene...but not yet.

The bullets that will eventually make those holes haven't been fired yet in the scene. Guess someone missed that on set, huh?

"Friends" — Monica...Kind of


In this scene where Phoebe is talking to Monica at Central Perk, you can clearly see that Monica has, uh, changed a little.

Courtney Cox's body double shot the scene with Lisa Kudrow, and producers missed her being visible.

"Quantum of Solace" — The Dedicated Background Extra


I really can't believe this made it into the final movie.

In Quantum of Solace, a background extra behind James Bond can be seen sweeping...sort of.

To avoid making noise or actually causing dust to fly, the extra simply sweeps the air. And it. Is. Obvious.

"Harry Potter" — The Whole Cameraman

YouTube | Top5Central

I have to say, this mistake is pretty well-hidden. However, once I saw it, I could never watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets without loudly pointing it out to whoever I was watching it with.

"Game of Thrones" — Dany's Coffee Cup

Twitter | @JennaGuillaume

Ah, Starbucks. Beloved sponsor of Westeros.

Game of Thrones fans had a field day with this accident, blowing up Twitter with meme after meme about Dany's (or Emilia Clarke's) stray Starbucks coffee cup.

"Jaws" — Another Whole Cameraman

YouTube | Top5Central

Now this is dedication to getting a shot.

In order to film the fleet of boats heading out onto the water, a lead boat was set up with a camera and cameraman.

Unfortunately, they forgot to cut the shot where you can see them out of the movie.

"The X-Files" — David Duchovny's Wedding Ring


Okay, as much as I wish Mulder and Scully were married, that was not the case.

David Duchovny forgot to take his wedding ring off during a scene in The X-Files, which gave Mulder a puzzling new marital status.

Whatevs. He and Scully totally got married after Season 11, right?

"Gladiator" — A Canister

YouTube | ScreenRant

Someone forgot to detach the gas canister that powered the chariot before doing this stunt.

You can clearly see it when the whole contraption crashes. Pretty sure they didn't have those back then.

"Game of Thrones" — Jaime's Coffee Cup


Honestly, Dany was probably just honoring Jaime's taste for branded coffee when she left her own cup out.

In this shot, you can clearly see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau holding a red coffee cup.

"Star Wars" — The Clumsy Stormtrooper


That background extra definitely had a hard time seeing in his Stormtrooper helmet.

This blooper became so famous that he even has his own entry in the Star Wars Wikipedia page, Wookieepedia.

"Braveheart" — The Car

YouTube | TheRichest

What would you expect to see in the middle of a battle, where the riders are mounted on horses and carry swords?

Probably not a car. Unfortunately for Braveheart, one made it into the final cut of the movie.

"Jurassic Park" — Spelling Is Hard


Even though dinosaur names are complex, we learn them as young children.

So why on Earth are there multiple misspellings in this scene from Jurassic Park?

It's doubly embarrassing that the shot is so close in on those typos.

"Twin Peaks" — The Mirror

Twin Peaks — Unwrapping the Plastic

This shot of Twin Peaks turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Set dresser Frank Silva was accidentally visible in the mirror of this shot.

Rather than ignore it, David Lynch created Silva an entire character to explain it.

"Lord of the Rings" — Another Car

YouTube | TheScreeny

Now that doesn't belong in Middle Earth.

In the initial release of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of The Ring, Frodo and Sam's walk happened alongside a car.

Peter Jackson had it edited out of all future versions.