The Russo Brothers Reveal That One Of The Marvel Characters Will Come Out As Gay

Just when you thought that the buzz of Endgame was starting to die down, the Russo Brothers are spicing things up in a major way.

They announced that one of the Marvel characters will be coming out as gay, and it's pretty exciting!

Spoilers ahead, people!

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From what I've heard the spoiler ban has been lifted, at least on Reddit, but I'm not going to spoil anything for you, folks.

Except for the fact that Doctor Bong makes his first ever cinematic appearance. D'oh! Sorry, everyone!

Okay, we're good.

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Let's talk Avengers: Endgame. It was a sick movie, wasn't it folks?

We had time travel, Professor Hulk, decapitations, Fortnite wait, scratch that last one.

We also got possibly the best shot in the MCU, when Captain America stands up against Thanos' army.

Everyone was in this movie.


I'm talking everyone.

Dr. Strange (eventually), 2012 Captain America, Robert Redford, the Red Skull, that kid from Iron Man 3. The kid from Iron Man 3, for flippy flop's sake!.

Who even remembers Iron Man 3???

Over the years, we've had a lot of different people represented.


A lot of different white guys for sure, but recently we got the first headliner black superhero in the MCU with Black Panther (awesome movie) and the first woman headliner with Captain Marvel (an almost equally as awesome movie).

However, there's one group of people suspiciously absent.

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And that is the LGBTQ community.

Sure, we had that cameo appearance from Joe Russo in Endgame where he played a gay man who lost his partner during the snap, but we haven't had any gay superheroes.

Could this be Disney's fault?

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I mean, no offense Disney, but you're kind of an old fashioned company. We don't see a lot of gay representation in your films.

Well, that's not entirely true.


I can't say that Disney has shied away from homosexuality before. They made LeFou gay in their most recent adaptation of Beauty And The Beast.

So, they've been getting better.


There are gay people in movies, there's a new Disney channel original about an openly gay teen, Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil had a gay kiss.

And now we're about to see even more representation.


Yep! One of the superheroes you know and love, will be coming out as gay!

But how do we know all of this?

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Well, it's all thanks to the Russo brothers.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Joe accidentally said that one of the characters we know might be in the closet at the moment.

Spoiler alert much? Psh. And they give Tom Holland smack for leaking stuff.

Joe answers with the following:

YouTube | SiriusXM

"Yes, openly gay," Joe emphasized. "There’ve been insinuations about other characters’ sexuality, but this is the first openly gay character."

Uh-oh, Joe, looks like you opened the floodgates accidentally my friend.

The interviewer presses on.

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And the director follows it up with:

"Uhhh," Joe said, perhaps realizing he opened a door he shouldn’t have. "We’re gonna find out!"

He's saved by his brother, who says: “That’s a story for another day,”

However, Joe ends the interview like this:

YouTube | SiriusXM

“There is a gay character coming up in one of their films, and I think Kevin will make that announcement, I’m sure pretty soon.”

How soon is soon?! I feel like I want to know now!

Who could it be?


Let's look at characters who aren't in any established relationships:

  • Nick Fury
  • Harold "Happy" Hogan
  • War Machine
  • Loki
  • Valkyrie
  • Okoye

It could be any one of these, or maybe even others.

Who do you think it is?


Or maybe, who do you hope that it is? Let us know your thoughts!