This 'Game Of Thrones' Fan Theory About Jaime And Cersei's Fate Is Giving Us Chills

The presenteth day, we returneth to the world of Game Of Thrones.

Once again, we may speak of fan theories, or perhaps something else is not sitting well with the GoT fans.

Sitteth backeth, relaxeth and enjoyeth the showeth, ladies and gentlemen!

Yay, ahead there be spoilers.


So, you know, if you aren't completely caught up on Game Of Thrones then I expect you to toss your phone into the nearest wood chipper.

Push on the back of it if the darn thing won't get chipped. Climb into it if you have too.

I was being sarcastic, I hope you know.


Not about the spoilers, about the wood chipper. I really hope no one actually goes and does that. Anyways, let's talk about "The Last Of The Starks", those of you who's phones are still intact.

It was an episode that divided a fanbase.

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A lot of people really didn't like this episode, as opposed to some who actually did. It seems this season, in general, is really divisive, there are some people who think this installment has ruined the entire series.

A little dramatic.

Honestly, this is usually the case with the final season of anything. I find people are rarely satisfied unless of course Marvel is involved.

But I'm losing track of things again folks, I'm sorry.

So, Season 8, Episode 4.


Pretty dece if you ask me. A dragon died, people got burned, Ghost got screwed, Starbucks got some free promotions, it was a pretty decent time all around.

And the theories.


Oh, the theories!

Considering this is the last season, everyone is going on about how... well, everyone is going to die.

Who will get stabbed by who? Who will get sliced, shot or cleaved by who? The possibilities are almost endless!

One character, in particular, has caught a lot of people's eye.


And that's Cersei. Being the (current) big baddie of the series, fans want to know who she's going to bite it.

Will it be one of the Starks? Daenerys herself? Perhaps the ghost of Missandei?

Or maybe...


Will it be one of her brothers?

One Redditor, in particular, thinks that Jaimie will kill Cersei, even though they have an... interesting past.

Jaime and Cersei have an interesting history.

They had some children together, they were separated, then got back together, then separated again.

It was during those first and second separations where Jaimie's eye was caught by someone else...

Enter: Brienne Of Tarth.


Brienne Of Tarth and Jaimie have a long history together. They've been on long, romantic walks, they've fought with and beside each other, and they've taken some steamy baths together.

Oh, and they've even made sweet sweet love.


Which was weird, but also amazing? It was a lot to take in, honestly.

The last time we saw them, Jaime ditched Brienne to head to King's Landing.


Tbh, watching Brienne cry the way she did was one of the most heartbreaking things in television history, but that's neither here nor there.

While the show wants the audience to believe that Jaime is off to fight with Cersei, some fans have a different theory.

This Redditor, named jme2424, thinks this is how the interaction will go down:

So here's how the theory goes:


Brienne joins the battle at King's Landing, and things are getting pretty intense all around.

Bri breaks into the throne room, where she sees Jaimie talking to Cersei about... anything, in particular, doesn't matter.

Brienne pleads with Jaimie.


"End this now, Jaimie!" She says.

But Cersei knows her brother better than some boyish wannabe knight.

Cersei demands that Jaimie kill Brienne, partially out of wanting to survive, but mostly out of jealousy.

Jaimie waits a moment.

He sighs, shrugs his shoulders and says: "The things I do for love".

Then, he turns around and... stabs his sister.

BOOM! Betcha didn't see that one coming, did you?


Chills, you guys. Actual chills.

I don't think I have to explain why this is awesome.


But I will anyway.

It completes Jaimie's character arc, while also having some parallels to the man he used to be.

He practically started off this series with the "The things I do for love" line.

He gets to add some nicknames, too.


He's was known as "the Kingslayer". Now he can add "Queenslayer" to his list of nicknames.

A list that includes: The Young Lion, Debbie Harry and Sister Lover, I assume.

The prophecy DID predict that Cersei would be killed by her brother.


And seeing as all of her children are dead, things have been going pretty much as planned.

So when you think about it, this theory actually makes a lot of sense.

Plus, it would mean that Jaime and Brienne could finally be together.

Controversial opinion, but I kind of love that ending, no matter how awkward Brienne is.

Anyway, what do you think?


Do you think Jaimie will kill his own sister? Or will the Lannisters join forces one last time to fight the Starks and... uh... everyone else.

Well, it really depends on whether or not Daenerys has some extra dragons kicking around.