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Priyanka Chopra Revealed How Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner's Vegas Wedding Really Went Down

By now, we've all heard about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Vegas quickie wedding, and it was the cutest, quirkiest thing we've heard all year.

It was basically the opposite of what every little girl dreams her wedding will be like someday — but that's what made it so awesome.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's impromptu Vegas wedding after the BMA's was everything we never knew we needed.

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Elvis officiated, Dan + Shay gently played music in the background, and Diplo live-streamed the whole thing on Instagram.

The whole thing was truly iconic.

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It was the last thing we expected after watching the Billboard Music Awards, but it has totally redefined any negative thoughts I ever had on the infamous Little White Chapel wedding style.

Joe popped the question back in 2017.

We all imagined that after two years of planning, they'd have a huge, fancy, expensive ceremony in a remote tropical location.

But we were wrong. So wrong.

But just when we thought we'd found out everything there was to know about Joe and Sophie's wedding, Priyanka Chopra spilled even more details.

As you may know, Priyanka is married to Joe's brother, Nick Jonas — and their wedding was nothing like Joe and Sophie's.

Priyanka and Nick pulled all the stops with their wedding ceremonies — yes, ceremonies. Plural.

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The pair had two massive, extravagant, luxurious wedding ceremonies — one in the USA and one in India.

It's abundantly clear that Priyanka and Sophie have very different taste.

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But hearing Priyanka's thoughts on Joe and Sophie's quickie wedding is something we've been dying to hear.

She called their wedding "so Jophie".

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She also confirmed that they will be having a much bigger, more traditional wedding ceremony in Europe later this year.

Apparently Jophie's "spontaneous" Vegas wedding wasn't as spontaneous as we may have thought.

According to Priyanka, the pair were handing out little black invitation cards to just about anybody at the BMA's that evening.

"Joe had this idea that he wanted to do this [after the Billboard Awards]," she said.

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"He had these little black cards that we all got and we were randomly inviting our friends, like, people that we met. We were like, 'OK, we're going to the chapel right from here, please arrive.'"

So you could say the guest list was pretty random.

It was a real motley crew of various celebs, friends, and family.

"It was awesome," Priyanka said.

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"We were driving around in this pink Hummer limo and I was outside the window," she went on, explaining the aftermath of the ceremony.

"It was epic," she continued. "It was a Jophie kind of night."

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Priyanka then gushed over how different Joe and Sophie are compared to her and Nick.

"[They represent] exactly who we are and what we stand for," she said.

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"Nick and Joe are so different, but are best friends, and that's what's beautiful about their relationship."

"You can see that in the weddings," she continued. "It was very reflective of the two of them and us as couples."

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It was definitely a great expression of the different personalities that run in the Jonas family!

Congratulations to Jophie on their Vegas nuptials — we can't wait to see what their Europe ceremony is going to be like!

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Let us know what you thought about Joe and Sophie's quickie wedding versus Nick and Priyanka's wedding fit for kings!