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Kim Kardashian Explains The Real Reason Why Kanye Wore A 'Boring' Outfit To The Met Gala

The Met Gala is a big deal for a reason.

Moreso than the Oscars, the Gala is an excuse for the exclusive attendees to go wild with their looks, thanks to the event's creative theming each year.

Like in years past, all eyes were on Kim Kardashian as she and Kanye West hit the pink carpet.

And let's just say that people were...disappointed.

Kim and Kanye have been to the Met Gala a few times now

Yeah, that was an understatement.

The first time the couple attended, they made headlines — for all the wrong reasons.

Kim's floral printed dress was such a point of contention that Kim herself said she went home and cried.

Notice the simple black suit Kanye's rocking here. That'll be important later.

For year 2, the Wests stuck to a simple, formal look

Kanye wore tails, while Kim downplayed her usual glam look in a deep blue gown trimmed with black.

Again, the couple compliment each other, but Kim clearly stands out because of her dress.

Feathers and velvet defined year 3

Kim broke down the look on her Twitter.

She once again shone next to Kanye's pared-down look.

That year, Kanye wore a velvet coat, which was a good texture mix with Kim's feathers and stones.

Things got weird in year 4, let's not lie

Kim's Balmain phase had her in the brand for the Gala. She and Kayne both stood out.

Kanye's matching denim look had everyone talking, especially since his jeans had holes in the knees.

Kim went solo for years 5 & 6

After the denim moment, Kim hit the gala on her own for the next two years.

That brings us to 2019, which marks the first time Kanye's stepped foot on the Met Gala grounds since 2016.

So, for Kim's 7th year, expectations were high

Getty Imagse | Neilson Barnard

Whether or not she was on theme is a different story — what she did wear was a masterpiece.

For his first creation in 20 years, Thierry Mugler outfitted Kim in a "straight out of the sea" look.

Notice that Kanye is dressed very simply next to Kim

Getty Images | Dimitrios Kambouris

While Kim is dripping in crystals and latex-like silicone, Kanye is dressed simply in a black zip-up and sneakers.

Yeah, he definitely could have at least put a simple suit on. But, he had a good reason for keeping it low-key!

Not everyone was a fan.

She talked to Vogue about her dress

YouTube | Vogue

Vogue followed Kim on her dress journey in the days leading up to the Met Gala.

During a fitting, Kim took a moment to talk about Kanye's thought process for the upcoming event.

See, two days before the Gala, Kanye still didn't have anything to wear

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And weirdly, that didn't seem to bother Kim!

"What is Kanye wearing? He has no idea." She said. "The Met is in two days, and he has no idea. We'll figure it out."

It didn't bother Kanye, either

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Because he had a plan.

"He said something so cute the other day." Kim began.

She explained that at the first Met, she was just Kanye's plus one. She wasn't really formally invited to the event.

So this year was HER year

Not only was she getting a custom look from Mugler, but she's also on the cover of Vogue.

"He's like, 'This year, I'm just your plus one. You're the cover girl, and I'm your plus one."

He didn't want any attention

Kim continued to quote Kanye:

"'So I'll just kind of fade out to the background, and I'll just kinda be your date, and let you shine.'"

He stepped back so that she could have this moment.

Even after the Met, he continued to keep to the background

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Kim changed outfits for after the Gala.

Again in Mugler, the wet look became a little more obvious.

Kanye, however, was not. In the shots they took for her Instagram, he made sure to stay behind her the whole time.

He kept it basic to balance Kim's extravagance

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Whether they were posing for their own shots, or the paparazzi, Kanye kept things super chill and let Kim stand out.

It would definitely be hard to miss her in that outfit, especially wiTh an embellished wig!

Anyway, Kanye did a classy af thing

Instagram | @kimkardashian

And that's pretty cool.

If you're already sad that all of the fun around the Met Gala is coming to an end, I have some great news for you!

There are only 364 days until the next Met Gala.