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Here's The Meaning Behind Meghan And Harry's Son's Unexpected Name

Sound the trumpets! Baby Sussex finally has a name!

While it's quite a surprising one for many royal baby name watchers, it has a very cute and special meaning for the royal couple.

Meghan and Harry were all smiles today as they debuted their newborn son to the press at Windsor Castle.

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"It's magic. It's pretty amazing ," Meghan said.

"He's just been the dream."

And today on May 8, we finally have a name.

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Drum roll please.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

It definitely is a nontraditional name and strays from what might seem to be more common royal names.

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But little Archie's name wasn't constructed by random.

Each piece of his name has a special meaning for Meghan and Harry, and for Archie as well.

The couple opted for a short form of the name Archibald to give it a more modern feel.

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It means genuine, bold, and brave, and I'm sure he won't have any issues growing into his name.

The middle name Harrison seems like an obvious choice, given that Archie's father's name is Harry.

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It's a name from the Middle Ages meaning "son of Harry" or "son of Henry."

Such a sweet homage to his father!

The last name, Mountbatten-Windsor, is a surname that all relatives and descendants of the Queen and Prince Philip are given from birth.

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Altogether, Archie's name is pretty incredible and the more I read it, the more it really suits him.

As expected, Archie jokes related to the popular television series "Riverdale" rolled through Twitter.

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But all jokes aside, many really loved the name choice.

It really is cute, whether it's a comic book character or a royal baby.

Now that baby Sussex's name has been revealed, we can take a moment to breathe now.


Next, we wait to see who he begins to look like more, his mom or his dad.

What do you think of Archie's name? Let us know!