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Chris Evans Went To His 20-Year High School Reunion And Fans Lost Their Minds

While Avengers: Endgame was busy making $2 billion at the box office, Chris Evans decided to attend his 20-year high school reunion.

The Boston native has gushed about his hometown in numerous interviews, but no one was expecting this.

Twitter just loves Chris Evans.

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Whether it's because he's posting cute dog photos or sharing his love for Disney, fans can't get enough of him.

For the most part, people mostly love when he posts pictures of his dog, Dodger.

This is a dog's world, and we humans are just living in it.

I mean, look at that face!

How can you not fall in love with that? It's literally impossible, and no, I will not be discussing the matter any further.

But every once in a while he does something out of left field that takes fans by surprise.

Like attending his high school reunion.

Chris Evans attending his high school reunion basically broke Twitter.

Everything Chris Evans does get thousands upon thousands of retweets, and this was no exception.

He's in Boston currently filming for a show, but fans were happy for the surprise appearance he made at his reunion!

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Especially since it gave them something exciting to talk about.

The reunion took place in Sudbury, Massachusetts at a restaurant called Conrad's Restaurant.

The reunion was for Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, which he attended back in the day.

When pictures began to surface, social media pages exploded.

No one was expecting Chris to show up to an event that, in his world, probably seems so small.

But that just goes to show how incredibly humble our Captain America is when it comes to everyday life.

The tweets began to make their way online.

We cannot stress this enough: the cuteness factor was so overwhelming. You can't really blame Twitter for talking about him.

In particular, fans seriously just could not get over his nametag. It's endearing, really.

People really could not get over the fact that Chris wore a name tag.

As if no one would know who he is.

It really is amazing how humble this guy is.

I mean, maybe some people don't know who he is, which would be crazy.

They would probably be so confused as to why everyone at the reunion would want pictures with this guy named Chris.

Like most of us, people were wondering what people's reactions were when they saw Captain America walk through the restaurant's doors.

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We need to know what happened. Can we get an eye witness report over here or what?!

I wonder what Chris Evans would talk about with his former classmates? This Twitter user definitely has one theory.

The thing is that Chris would genuinely want to know and he wouldn't be saying anything to gloat.

We bet all his ex-girlfriends are regretting their life choices.

Imagine telling your grandchildren that you passed up the opportunity to have a relationship with Captain America?

We're wondering how many people at the reunion were silently cursing their past selves.

Sure, fans love him for his looks, but if you take a few minutes to look up Chris Evans' tweets on Twitter, you'll find it's more than that.

Fans appreciate the star for his humility, his charm, his empathy, and his compassion.

He's always in character.

Whether he tries or doesn't, Evans has definitely taken on some very Captain America traits throughout the past couple of years.

Steve Rogers would be very proud of him for always staying grounded and humble.

Even Instagram fan pages were feeding the fans.

It's a lot of work to run a fan page, but multiple pages did not disappoint.

In the last couple of days, fan pages were busy releasing photos of Chris posing with his former classmates.

I bet this was an extremely pleasant surprise for all his former classmates!

And arguably one of the biggest surprises of their lives.

It must be pretty weird to have known someone so famous back during the most awkward days of our lives.

The fact that Chris Evans took the time to even research or remember when his high school reunion was is amazing in itself.

Like, he genuinely wanted to go and reconnect with his old friends.

It makes my heart melt even more.

To sum up, fans will basically never get over this.

To some, Chris Evans attending his high school reunion is just a normal thing for a guy to do.

For Twitter stans, it's a whole event for them to freak out over.