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Zendaya Is A Literal Disney Princess In A Tommy Hilfiger Light-Up Gown At The 2019 Met Gala

When I found Camp: Notes on Fashion was the theme for the Met Gala, I expected to see some pretty wild outfits.

What I don't think anyone expected, was to see an outfit as magical and lit as Zendaya's.

So first of all, what's this Met Gala and what is Camp?

the Met Gala or Costume Institute Gala as it's formally called, is an annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Every year they assign a theme to the gala that's based on the yearly fashion exhibit at the museum.

This year's theme Camp is an ode to all things ludicrous, extravagant and pop culture inspired.

Of course, when the Met Gala kicked off, dozens of celebrities descended onto the pink carpet.

Everyone from Lady Gaga to Harry Styles graced the carpet in their best takes on the Camp theme.

Many stars nailed the look and others...not so much.

I mean, what was with all the men in plain black suits?

Then out stepped Zendaya.

She stood at the start of the carpet and showed off her over-the-top grey Tommy Hilfiger gown.

That's when her stylist Luxury Law began to wave around a magic wand in front of 'Daya and appeared to cast some of smoky spell.

Then that thing started to LIGHT UP.

Her dress was lit! Literally.

You guys, we witnessed magic right here at the Met Gala.

I don't know how she pulled it off but I am in completely awe of this dress and this extra AF entrance!

For those you curious to know how Zendaya really made magic happen, here's a sneak peek.

Zendaya shared an Instagram post thanking everyone who was involved in building her dress and bringing it to life.

It looks like there were some pretty high-tech things going on underneath all of that tulle.

There's something so amazing about colliding fashion with technology.

What did you think of Zendaya's dress?