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16 Self-Proclaimed 'Ugly Ducklings' And Their Glo Ups

We all know the story of The Ugly Duckling: all the other ducklings thought he was ugly and shamed him for it, until one day, he grew into a swan and everyone changed their tune. Nowadays, we call this a glo up, and it is still relevant.

These are 12 people who went from self-proclaimed "ugly ducklings" to beautiful swans, and it gives us all hope that if our glo up hasn't happened yet, it's still coming.

11. "11 to 18. Dark Times."

Reddit | aufukkum

I have a very similar picture of me on a bus around the same age and yeah, it's not good. Still waiting on a glo up like this babe.

10. "I don't even look like the same person anymore. 17-22."

Reddit | SkrtMcgrt

He still has the same smirk, but his eyes look happier. Doesn't hurt that his hair and beard are to die for.

1. "I always knew deep down I was a blonde (12 vs. 15 vs. 20)"

Reddit | ilovebubbles23

Just because we were born with one hair color doesn't mean that's what we look best in. It's which color makes you FEEL the best.

3. "Lost 50kg (110lbs) in 18 months after a rugby injury, started rowing for my university, got my MSc in mathematics."

Reddit | Teddyzander

Please tell me you're modeling now, because that jawline was made for the camera.

2. Amazing change from 19 to 24.

Reddit | marina_bias

"Pretty neat how much growth can happen when you take care of your mental health and learn to accept yourself bit by bit. Cheers to another 5 years and kicking depression's ass."

4. "7 - 14 - 25. Thank the lord for puberty."

Reddit | ohheytoni

I think it's a right of passage to have really bad oval glasses that don't suit your face. And a haircut that always makes you look like you never brush.

5. "Glad I didn't peak in high school. (16 vs 24)"

Reddit | neosimmel

It always brings joy to my heart when someone learns how to get their eyebrows on fleek. It really is a game changer.

6. "Age 13 in the first pic and 18 in the second. Well, at least I'm not emo anymore."

Reddit | nux1998

We all had an emo phase (well, luckily I didn't), so I consider anything after that stage a glo up.

7. "12, 16, and 21! Goofier than I look still!!"

Reddit | dragonslayer1483

Better hair, a great squint, and a stellar lip ring. He owned his awkward stage and now he's rocking his hot stage.

8. "From 18 to 23. Who knew a jawline would be hidden under all of that."

Reddit | habaroa

Are you even real? 18-year-old him was a cute kid, and now he's owning the long flowing locks with a steely gaze.

9. "13-15-16-23, Used to be bullied for being ugly/overweight. Now I model. But, honestly true confidence doesn't stem from appearance."

Reddit | Kalification

Women like this prove that beauty really does come from the inside out.

12. "16 to 20. What a difference 4 years make."

Reddit | mrnanovideos1

Hello, Fabio! He looks like he could pose as one of the models on those erotica novels that lonely middle-aged women read.

14. "First day of 6th grade (11) vs First day of married life (24)"

Reddit | funmclovin

Barely anyone looks the same as an adult as they did when they were little kid, but sometimes puberty graces us with beautiful handiwork.

13. "Age 14 to now- age 22. Now that I'm looking at it, I don't look all that different. But I feel much more beautiful now."

Reddit | Misosorry318

She was adorable when she was younger and she's beautiful now, but how you feel about yourself really matters most.

15. ".....I know.....moral is.... it gets better. (Had to find picture with my current teeth) haha, 11 yrs to 17 yrs"

Reddit | mooolybrowne

I want to squish her chicks! She is so stunning and she was was SUCH a cute kid.

16. "12 to 22. Managed to grow some eyebrows in those 10 years."

Reddit | Dumbledore27

Can I just say those are some great eyebrows, too? You didn't just grow them, you sculpted them. Yaaaas!