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Jared Leto Carrying His Own Head At The Met Gala Is Horrifying The Internet

Jared Leto knows how to challenge the rules of fashion. While he has played with gender-fluid fashion in the past, at this year's Met Gala, things took a, uh, more violent turn.

Jared showed up carrying a copy of his own head to the event and it is creepy chic (if that's even a thing). Take a look at the reactions to his outfit from Twitter.

Jared Leto showed up in this blood-red Gucci robe, complete with a severed head.

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Of course, Jared would bring a severed head as his date to the Met Gala. Should we really be that surprised?

He even performed the "To be or not to be" moment from "Hamlet".

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Okay, I would have totally done the same thing if I had a copy of my own head, to be honest.

Understandably, Twitter was a bit freaked out by this outfit.

Some even thought that Jared murdered Russell Brand and brought the head with him. I know I shouldn't laugh, but I did when I read this.

Some thought he was channeling "Game of Thrones".

Ooof, especially after last night's episode... or really the whole series, I can see where they're coming from. A lot of people lose their heads on that show.

At any rate, Jared might have the most horrifying look of the night, but we're loving it anyways.