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There's Footage Of Steve Irwin Becoming A Dad For The First Time And We're Sobbing

"The ones who love us never really leave us."

Famed conservationist and television personality Steve Irwin passed away in 2006.

He left behind his wife, Terri, and his two children: his son, Robert, and his daughter, Bindi.

Recently, Bindi shared a touching video of her own birth, and it will probably make you cry.

Steve Irwin was a legend

He was a conservationist, a zookeeper, and a TV host.

Through his program, The Crocodile Hunter, he helped expose the world to the wonders of the wild.

And he taught us all how to respect the world around us.

His daughter, Bindi, is continuing his legacy

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She started young. Before her father passed, she already had her own TV show: Bindi the Jungle Girl.

Now, she's based at the Australia Zoo, and continuing her dad's legacy for a new generation.

She recently posted a video to her Instagram celebrating him

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And trust and believe that it will make you tear up.

This snippet is from a 2003 documentary, where Steve talked about becoming a father for the first time.

Initially, he wasn't sure if he even wanted to be a dad.

But fatherhood quickly changed him

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The documentary also featured footage from Bindi's birth in 1998.

It's clear that Steve and Terri absolutely adored their daughter from the second that she was born, and she knows that to this day.

His face says it all

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Wonder, fear, love — you can see it all in his face.

Terri is also adorable in the clip, shocked that Bindi turned out to be a girl! The new parents looked so happy to finally meet her.

Steve got emotional talking about Bindi

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Even as he talked about his daughter, you could see him beginning to tear up.

He said that he actually couldn't think about Bindi for too long without crying, which he then proved.

In fact, sometimes he would do that when he was out in the field

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He would take a picture of the two of them with him in the field.

If he sat and looked at it for too long, he would start to cry.

The dedication to his daughter and his openness about his feelings is absolutely incredible.

He also was so humble about her

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His self-deprecation was so funny, but so heartbreaking!

He said: "Who would have though someone ugly as me could bring into the world something so beautiful, such a treasure."

He also talked about how he is as a parent

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He was silly with her, but he also wanted to give her everything in the world.

"[...] all I do is treat her exactly how I would want to be treated."

He gave her what she wanted

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"If she wants to have chocolate, mum's not looking, 'Here, have the whole block.'"

It's pretty unsurprising that he was a goofball as a parent. Doesn't he totally seem the type?

Bindi posts about her dad often on her Instagram

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And the memories she shares are so special.

Whether it's shots of her parents with her when she was little, or solo shots of her dad from when she knew him, Bindi honors both of her parents frequently.

There's no shortage of throwback shots

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And all of them come with a special message.

She dedicated this message to those who support them: "He dedicated his life to conservation.‬ ‪To the world, he will always be known as the greatest Wildlife Warrior.‬ ‪To us, the best Dad."

She keeps his legacy alive

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Between working at the Australia Zoo and following in her parents' conservationist footsteps, Bindi stands up for everything her father believed in.

And all of those throwback pictures are so unbearably cute!

She also loves what her parents created

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Her mother, Terri, now runs the Australia Zoo.

Their entire family is passionate about conservation. Bindi obviously loves what they stand for.

She also remembers important dates in her parents' lives. She posted this shot on the anniversary of her dad proposing to her mom.

Bindi posted the whole video on her Instagram

And it's obvious that her father is still very present in her life.

She said: "Thank you, Dad, this moment captured on camera made my whole life. I love you so much."

I'm not crying, you are.