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Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets Are Back And We The People Made It Happen

Democracy is important for many reasons, but I never thought that it would give us the power to bring back the dead.

You may think that you're just one person who can't enact any change, but together, we are a powerful force.

We're all nostalgic for the beautiful creation of Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets.

Instagram | @wendys

They were the perfect combination of juicy and crunchy; of hot and flavorful; of good and evil.

When Wendy's took them off their menu, we mourned for the midnight drive-through adventures that would never be.

When the spicy nuggets died, a part of us died with them.

Apparently Chance The Rapper missed the nuggets too.

Look closely children, because this tweet will be in the history books. This is the tweet that started a revolution. This was the spark that ignited chance.

Wendy's tweeted Chance back and bestowed an impossible task upon us.

I mean, we love the spicy nuggets, but do we love them that much?

Lucky for our taste buds, the Twitterverse was up for the challenge.

Some stragglers tried to intervene, but our queen Wendy put them in their place.

Who knew that the Wendy's marketing team was this savage.

Maybe they've been asking us if we've "Got Beef?" this whole time because they're the ones who have it, literally and figuratively.

In the end, we triumphed.

In less than two days, we won back our spicy nuggets. Wendy's confirmed that the fan favorites will indeed be put back on the menu.

The people rejoiced, and rightfully so.

Finally you, your neighbor, your mom, and Chance The Rapper can have Wendy's Spicy nuggets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Now if only we could come together and voice our outrage over other things like, I don't know, human rights? Climate change? We've used our voice—let's keep using it.