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Rock Band Queen Now Has More Money Than The Actual Queen Of England

Movies make a heck of a lot of money these days.

The higher the project budget of a feature film, the more likely that it'll rack in a lot of coin for everyone involved.

The recent success of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody has been a big score for the living members of the rock band Queen

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Before the movie, Queen was the biggest band in the world.

It is unclear what their combined net worth was at the time of their peak stardom, but it is rumored that the late Freddy Mercury has a net worth of $100 Million.

The feature biopic based on the band made more than $800 Million at the box office.

Brain May and Roger Taylor were the only two original members of Queen to work as consultants on Bohemian Rhapsody.

According to Sunday Times, each of them made over $25 Million based on the performance of the film.

With a current net worth of $445 Million, they now have more money than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.

No, really.

The band Queen have more money that the Queen of England.

How is that possible?

I always imagined the Queen to have rooms of priceless heirlooms and entire islands and things like that. You're telling me that a band has more money than The Queen?

Queen Elizabeth ll has a net worth of $370 Million.

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Chump change compared to May and Taylor.

Should we start a Go Fund Me for her? How will she afford all those colorful hats?

Since Queen created and manged the film, their studio also gets around 50 percent of the movie's revenue.

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"They will be massively in profit," an insider reportedly told Daily Mail, "Because Queen Films made the film, they are quite high up the waterfall of money that cascades down from the film."

Don't worry— I'm sure Lizzie will be fine.

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Sure, when she goes out to party with Queen, they may have to pick up her tab. But we all have our own personal struggles.

Congrats to Queen for getting the royalty status they deserve.

The ball is now in the Monarch's court. Your move Betty, your move.

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