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Katy Perry Got Caught Picking Her Wedgie On Live TV And Twitter Can't Leave It Alone

One of the million reasons we love Katy Perry is because she is always herself.

She isn't afraid to get weird, or simply just be a regular human being by doing things like, oh I don't know, picking a wedgie in public.

Just Katy being unadulterated, Katy.

You gotta love when celebs do things that remind us that at the end of the day, they're just people.

And let's face it, anything that allows us to relate to a celebrity gives us a warm fuzzy feeling.

Now we feel closer to Katy than ever. Maybe too close.

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In a recent episode of American Idol, for a split second, Katy must have forgotten that she was being filmed by an entire camera crew.

She pricelessly reached over and picked her wedgie on live television.

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That very moment was being broadcasted in hundreds of thousands of homes — not to mention everyone who caught the footage online after the fact.

So, basically the whole world has seen Katy Perry picking her wedgie on live TV.

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If you thought walking out of the washroom with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your foot was bad, imagine this.

We feel for you, Katy.

Katy didn't seem too phased by it, overall.

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The girl's got thick skin — she can handle a little good old fashioned embarrassment.

“Welp. I got caught picking my wedgie on national television AND we had to send one of my favorite idols ever @JLloydHarmon home,” she tweeted. “Pour me another one, bartender," she tweeted.

Twitter is having a field day over it though.

This fan tweeted a video of Katy picking her wedgie on loop — which is just 10 times more humiliating if you ask me.

This fan suggested that next time Katy should try going commando.

There's only one problem with going commando; bigger accidents can happen.

Sure, they'll save you from embarrassing underwear lines and wedgies — but you're also putting yourself at risk of accidentally flashing everyone your hoo-ha.

Some fans thought the best part of the entire show was Katy Perry picking her wedgie.

This is probably deeply offensive to all of the incredible musical acts of the night — but I agree.

Another fan tweeted, jokingly pointing out that her fans are overly amazed by the fact that she picked her wedgie on live TV.

We just respect that Katy keeps it 100.

This fan tweeted, cheering her on, along with the evidence.

This song will forever be the soundtrack to Katy Perry picking her underwear from her behind.

If that isn't TV gold, I don't know what is.

For some, Katy's wedgie was the highlight of their day.

This could either be perceived as terribly sad, or absolutely iconic.

Who am I to decide?

Other fans were actually horrified for her.

Instead of laughing it off or praising it, some fans were legitimately experiencing deep secondhand embarrassment on Katy's behalf.

This fan tweeted that this Katy Perry moment is the exact reason why she is their spirit animal.

If you're going to make a celebrity your "spirit animal" it definitely has to be because of something like this.

This person wrote that nobody will even remember who wins "American Idol" because Katy stole the show with her wedgie.

This is the most exciting thing to happen to American Idol since Clay Aiken, amirite?

Katy didn't let the embarrassing moment get her down. She's got bigger fish to fry.

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I mean, she's marrying Orlando Bloom. I don't think anything can really bother her at this point.

She's won at life.