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9+ Extremely Accurate Tweets About 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 4

Another episode of Game Of Thrones has come and gone, and boy do we have tweets for you! Sit back, relax and grab yourself some Starbucks, cause we've got GoT tweets!

Warning: This Article Is Dark And Full Of Spoilers

This tweet says it all

The website has been blowing up with memes, articles, recaps and even more memes about this episode. What can I say, it was very meme-worthy.

Oh who am I kidding, every episode of this show is meme-worthy.

Some people really enjoyed it.

In a sad kind of way. They like the way the characters are going this season, and they like the way that some of them are being sent off.

It makes them cry, but the crying is good.

Some on the other hand, think the opposite.

I mean, look at that horse on the far right! The drawing starts off so beautiful, and then wait... gets hyper-realistic at the end of Season 6?

In any case, clearly, some fans think the show's end isn't up to par.

But enough of opinions, let's start talking memes.

Like this one, that talks about the fact that Sansa can't keep her mouth shut, despite her father doing exactly that for 18 years!

Ned Stark, you are a much nobler man than I.

Seriously, I have a hard enough time not spoiling movies

I want to talk about Endgame so badly to my friends, but no one can afford a movie ticket!

If I was in Sansa's position I would've been all over blabbing about Jon's true heritage! That's goss is just too juicy!

Next, we have to talk the cup

Reddit | GallowBoob

There's one scene in particular that stands out to a lot of fans. It's a real blunder on the part of the show's creators, or in the very least the script supervisor.

Yes, there was a coffee cup on a table.

During the feast of Winterfell, we are subject to a cup someone obviously forgot there.

Alright Reddit, start spinning your webs. What does this have to do with Bran secretly being evil?

In fact, there have been a lot of mistakes this season.

Reddit | theHawkmooner

Huh, maybe that's why the horse just got worse by the end of the drawing... no, I loved the Battle Of Winterfell!

I'm not accepting that this season is a bad horse drawing just from one cup... and a wig... and a messed up surname.

Another big moment was between these two:

A Wiki of Ice and Fire

One that has really been making fans mad. You may think Season 8 is a bad horse drawing or a great, photo-realistic horse drawing, but we can all agree this was a bad moment for Jon Snow.

He just leaves poor Ghost

Reddit | alzbetin_dvor

Jon tells Tormund to take him to the north "where he belongs". Uh... what? In any case, her hardly stops for a pet!

Guaranteed there will be a theory as to why he didn't pet ghost.

Honestly though, I prefer this theory:

The one where ghost rides Drogon into battle, claiming the Iron Throne for himself. Think about it, he would be a great protector of the realm!

Not only is he use to protecting someone, but he's also the goodest boy!

Let's see... we had some cool Cersei moments

And some people liked seeing how stoic the queen was in what might be her final hours. I mean, she's got to die, there's no way she actually wins the Game of Thrones... right?

Arya and The Hound are heading to Kings Landing

And people are having fun with that. Honestly, I kind of like that team of Arya and the Hound, I feel like they have a cool dynamic.

I feel pretty bad for Gendry though.

Speaking of which.


Poor Gendry. Well, at least he's a lord now, and he's got Storm's End. He'll find a good girl to marry eventually, it just won't be Arya.

Sorry Gendrya fans, it's not gonna happen.

Jon really trusted Sansa, but he was wrong to do that.

When he decided to spill his real identity to Sansa and Arya, he really thought they wouldn't tell anyone.

Well, one sister kept her promise.

This is honestly how I pictured it going down when Sansa told Tyrion.

If you ever want someone to keep a promise and secret, don't tell Sansa at all.

This is a warning.

Oh my god. Someone made a Likert Scale for keeping secrets based on this very scenario between Sansa and Jon.

I truly hope that these memes don't end!

I am not a fan of anything bad happening to animals, even if it's mythical and in CGI!

Did they really have to kill Rheagal off like that?


My heart is still hurting.

People were very upset, and rightfully so.

As if Mondays aren't bad enough. Now we have to sleep on a Sunday night knowing our fave dragon's dead and wake up the next day and try to be okay?!

Dang. Arya really shut the Night King down like that, though!

Twitter | @MagenB27

It was savage and it hurt to see, but it needed to happen.

Honestly, did he really think she was gonna say yes?

It wouldn't be a "Game of Thrones" episode without some steamy love making.

Twitter | @LtGreenlight

But then Jaime just up and left Brienne like. I am confused.

Were we not all just waiting for this moment between the two, only for it to go south?

Come on!

This really is probably what it was like, wasn't it? We need Paul's opinion ASAP.

Twitter | @HannahFronz

So, who do you think is who?

I personally think Bran is Ringo, that's for sure.

I'll leave you with this.

Twitter | @BeoursBeours

Some ultimate revenge for everyone's favorite good boy. It was him who actually took out Rheagal! I knew I saw some white fur on one of Euron's ships!