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Restaurant Under Fire Over Its Use Of A Food Blogger's Pic In 'Bra'

Restaurants have it tough when it comes to standing out in a crowded marketplace. Every little bit they can do to differentiate themselves and find hungry bellies to fill their seats is fair game.

It's little wonder that many will court influential food bloggers, or at least link up with them on social media. It's just like how restaurants would post clippings of positive reviews on their walls back in the day.

Fine and Fettle, a cafe in Australia, has recently come under fire for sharing a pic of a food blogger.

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Obviously, as a cafe, it has been more popular with early risers and the lunchtime crowd. But the owners wanted to try out more of a dining scene, and so they've had to do some promoting to get the word out.

And so, when they noticed a local food blogger posting about the nighttime dining at Fine and Fettle, it seemed like a no-brainer to share it.

Karylle Banez, who has almost 60,000 followers on Instagram, seemed to enjoy her night out at Fine and Fettle, so why wouldn't the owners want to share her pic?

It all seemed like a pretty innocent, normal exchange until the comments started coming in.

Folks on Facebook weren't taking issue with the menu or the dining as much as Karylle's fashion choices, however.

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Many said it sent the wrong message about what sort of experience diners should expect at Fine and Fettle.

"It’s meant to be promoting a restaurant not a night club," wrote one person."

"Nothing against the girl she is stunning but I don’t think it’s the right image for a restaurant."

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"I was under the impression it was a restaurant/cafè...not a Gentlemens club," wrote another.

Others found Fine and Fettle's use of Karylle's photo to be outright objectifying.

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"Jesus this is objectifying. I would never eat here for your clearly sexist attitude," wrote one person. "Women doing yoga, working out and wearing their bra's at dinner. This is a disgusting, backwards restaurant. Please don't go here. Boycott this place, immediately."

And one user sarcastically suggested that maybe this set a new dress code standard for the restaurant.

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"Phew, lucky I saw this in time. I didn't realise there was a new dress code. When I book your Mother's Day event I'll make sure to tell mum to come dressed in her best bra & undies," they wrote. "Just checking on the dress code for men - should my hubby come in boxers or would that be considered overdressed? Briefs better maybe? My 80 yo dad will wear Y-fronts, I assume that'll be ok."

When the dust had somewhat settled, the restaurant put out a statement defending their use of Karylle's post, and Karylle herself.

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"We’re a little shocked at the negative comments that have been put up," they wrote. "It was never our intention to offend, however, we also do not appreciate this type of offensiveness from our community."

"Karylle is not only a lovely person, but has always been a great supporter of Fine & Fettle."

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"We do not discriminate full stop. Everyone is welcome to wear what they choose and should not be so superficially judged. Our food does and has always spoken for itself," they continued.

The restaurant asked people to think before they commented.

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"We are simply promoting our nights and sharing Karylle’s experience at Fettle. Before commenting we’d appreciate if you had some thought on the fact this is a real person, with real feelings."

And both she and Fine and Fettle did have some supporters out there.

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"Who are all these deadbeat arse clowns having an issue with this? You should be ashamed of yourself," wrote one user. "It’s 2019, and if the #metoo movement has taught us anything it is that pseudo shaming a woman for wearing what she wants is unacceptable."

"Firstly, gorgeous photo!" wrote another person.

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"Secondly, women should be supporting one another not bringing each other down, there is enough negativity in the world! Anyone who has actually eaten at FINE knows that the food is amazing!"

Another person broke down the situation and all the ways they thought Fine and Fettle had done right by Karylle.

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"1) Karylle wears fashion and this is fashionable at the moment - get with the program.

"2) Women can wear what they want - I don’t know Karylle personally but I see her as a body-confident woman who loves food.

And third, "Judging a restaurant for their patrons and judging them for showing gratitude to someone who is supporting their small business is petty."

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"4) If you want to be conservative that’s fine, but don’t impose your values on others. Thanks F&F for standing up for what’s right - respect for the other. You’ve GAINED a customer for how you’ve handled this. I will go out of my way to come to your restaurant."

The restaurant's owners have gone a step further since the online brouhaha erupted.

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In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, the restaurant's chef, Sam Worrall-Thomspon, said that "The online bullying that Karylle has experienced as a result of her outfit is absolutely unacceptable."

What do you think? Were people right to call out Fine and Fettle, or is it all good?