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Gringo The Cat Is Winning Over Hearts Everywhere With His Fancy Mustache

The internet is full of some pretty incredible cats.

Remember Grumpy Cat? Also known as Tardar Sauce, this perpetually unhappy feline took over the internet for years, spawning memes, parodies, and even a feature-length film with actress Aubrey Plaza expertly lending her voice to bring the kitty to the big screen.

The internet is obsessed with quirky and adorable cats.

You basically can't go anywhere online anymore without running into a cat in some form or another.

There are cat pictures plastered everywhere on Facebook and Instagram, cat videos filling up our Youtube homepages, and an endless supply of cat memes floating around in every other available inch of the internet.

Some cats are more deserving of attention than others, especially if they have a mustache.

Instagram | @gringomoustachecat

Meet Gringo, the fabulously facial-haired cat who has steadily gained internet celebrity status simply because of how wonderful this handsome kitty's mustache is.

Just look at this cat. Throw a top hat on him and he's the epitome of sophistication.

Instagram | @gringomoustachecat

Gringo is a one-year-old British Shorthair cat whose Instagram account featuring his most purrfect looks has amassed over 10,000 followers.

This cat doesn't even have to do anything special for us to love him. His mustache is more than enough.

Instagram | @gringomoustachecat

Here's Gringo staring out into the distance while wearing a bow tie. We bet your day just got about ten times better.

Sometimes he likes to cheese it up for the cameras and we can't get enough.

Instagram | @gringomoustachecat

Just look at that face. We would want to snap pictures of it everyday, too. The camera loves him, and so do we.

This handsome kitty has cat fanatics and mustache aficionados everywhere flocking to his Instagram.

Instagram | @gringomoustachecat

"Seeing you brightens our day," one user commented on Gringo's photo, while another offered up all their cat treats to the fancy feline.

We'll probably never get over this handsome kitty and we're fine with that.

Instagram | @gringomoustachecat

The world needs more good in it, and how much better can you get than watching Gringo don bow ties and pose for the cameras?

This cat is melting hearts left and right. Consider ours sufficiently liquefied.