Guy's Girlfriend Bans Him From Watching 'Game Of Thrones' Due To Topless Scenes

Game of Thrones is in its final few episodes and the biggest thing on TV right now, so it would really suck to have a family member ban you from watching.

Of course, if you're a kid or young teen, I could see parents making that call, but what an adult chooses to watch is their own thing.

HBO shows are known for two things: strong dramatic storytelling and T&A.


The cable channel has made bank on luring potential viewers in with the promise of boobs or violence only to then keep them around with great characters and plots.

And when they were trying to convince a mainstream audience to watch a fantasy show, that's how they did it.


Early seasons of Game of Thrones are particularly notorious for using sex and nudity to keep the audience's focus during long stretches of history being explained.

It even spawned the term "sexposition" to describe the narrative device.

Most infamously, there was a scene where the character Littlefinger monologued seriously while a pair of prostitutes "practiced" in the background...because reasons.

But backlash to the practice has resulted in a lessening of the more gratuitous nudity as the show has gone on.


There's still plenty of it, but it's used for dramatic effect and sex scenes aren't just there as sexy placeholders.

Which is why this question a guy posted in r/relationship_advice on Reddit is so perplexing.

He says that his girlfriend doesn't want him to watch the show because "there's nothing but tits in the series."


After saying that, the girlfriend began to accuse him of only watching the show for the boobs and insisting that he can't watch it anymore.

That's a seriously strange level of jealousy, especially when he points out that she made him watch 'Magic Mike' with her.


Double standard, much?

More than one commenter noted that she may be projecting arousal onto him that she feels when watching shows with half-naked men.

She sounds incredibly insecure and follow-up details only confirmed it.


Now, I kind of hate how r/relationship_advice tends to just jump right towards ending the relationship before any other options, but there are a ton of red flags here.

She searches his phone, won't let him hang out around other girls, and just assumes that if he drinks he'll cheat on her.

What do you think?


Is it weird to be jealous of a significant other who watches a show with nudity in it, let alone try to ban it?

Personally, I don't think mild jealously is bad in this situation, but a rational person would understand that it's just a show and doesn't mean anything.