KFC's New 'I Love You Bacon' Burger Has Three Layers Of Meaty Goodness

Let's talk bacon.

Specifically, let's talk about how amazing bacon is and how we literally can't get enough of bacon and how we could always use more bacon. On everything. Now. Please.

To put it simply, we love bacon. And we like putting bacon on our burgers. Bacon burgers are just one of those 'match made in heaven' combinations. Sort of like bacon and any other food.

KFC is no stranger to giving the people what they want.

Unsplash | Maxime Lebrun

At Easter, the fast-food chain began offering its hungry customers a festive hot cross bun burger, Daily Star reported.

And who can resist a delicous basket of chicken and waffles, which they just brought back to their already finger-lickin'-good menu?

Now get ready for bacon, bacon, and even more bacon.


According to LADbible, KFC has listened to the hungry carnivores of the world and have launched a brand new burger aptly dubbed the "I Love You Bacon" burger.

This one's for the bacon lovers out there.

This limited edition burger sees KFC's original recipe fried chicken deliciously sandwiched between two layers of bacon and "bacconaise", which is exactly what it sounds like - bacon mayonnaise.

As if there wasn't enough bacon on this masterpiece already.

The "I Love You Bacon" burger tragically won't be around forever.

Unsplash | Aleks Dorohovich

Just like with all good things, this too must come to an end.

The burger is launching in restaurants on May 6 and will only be around for six short weeks before joining the realm of other discontinued KFC greats, like Chili Lime Chicken and Hot And Cheesy Chicken.