The Night King Revealed Why He Didn't Fight Jon Snow And Fans Are Shook

Some Game of Thrones fans were a little bit disappointed by how the third episode of Season 8 ended. Some fans in particular were pretty disappointed that Arya got the big moment instead of Jon Snow.

The Night King himself, Vladimir Furdik, had some pretty solid reasoning for why he didn't face off against the King in the North.

Obviously, spoilers ahead for 'The Long Night.' But you clicked on this article, so you've already seen it, right?

'The Long Night' was an epic episode, but it left fans split on a lot of issues.


Most notably, people were torn about the twist ending where Arya uses her stealthy assassin skills to sneak up on the Night King and uses her slight-of-hand assassin skills to stab him right in his undead little heart.

Some fans felt Arya didn't deserve the big moment.

I guess they ignored all the foreshadowing for the moment the Night King forgot to say "not today" to Arya Stark and the God of Death.

The actor who plays the Night King, though, certainly isn't one of them.


Although he was initially. Vladimir Furdik told Bustle, "I was actually surprised. This small lady, she's going to kill me? Why not Jon Snow? Why not a fight between Jon Snow or some other surprise?"

Eventually he came around.

He totally gets why Maisie might be avoiding reading comments about it. He says, "Maybe three or two years ago, I tried to read something and I saw some couple comments. And then I spoke with Kit Harington about it and he said, 'Don't read anything.'There are many nice comments, but many are not fair."

Many thought his staredown with Jon Snow should've been a fight.


But Vladimir has a different take on the scene. He says, "This was a very nice moment between me and Kit, to just slowly turn and look at him thinking, 'OK, what do you want? What do you want from me?'"

Jon Snow didn't get his long-awaited battle, but Vladimir has a good reason why.


Vladimir initially thought the Night King would fight, but says, "But then I decided that in history, everywhere, kings never fight. I am a king, I have bodyguards. If I need to kill Jon Snow, there are 10 or 12 other White Walkers who can fight him."

Not that happened, either, but it's the thought that counts.

Vladimir even had his own ideas about who could defeat him, if not Jon.

He told Bustle, "I said, 'OK, I have a better idea. What about, I will grab you and you will throw the knife to Bran and he will throw the knife at me in my back or something?' So we had fun."

Not exactly my definition of fun, but to each their own.

Would you have preferred Bran to be the one who took out the Night King? Or are you a diehard "Jon deserved it" believer?

Personally, I'm all for Arya taking every big kill in the show from here on out. The more shots of her leaping on people like a monkey the better.