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It Looks Like An Intense Scene With Sansa And Tyrion Was Cut From The Battle of Winterfell Episode

Oh Game Of Thrones again, eh? Well, I'd call myself a bonafide expert at this point, so why don't we stop this dilly-dally and get right to the heart of it?

As per usual, this post is going to contain spoilers.

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So, if you haven't seen Season 8, Episode 3 of Game Of Thrones yet, hire a Buffalo trainer to have his herd trample all over your laptop if you don't want to see spoilers.

Well, it looks like they're gone.


Or, they in the very least have a laptop that smells like Buffalo.

Anyway, wasn't Season 8, Episode 3 of Game Of Thrones: "The Long Night" sick??? Don't try and disrespect me and tell me it wasn't!


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And then there were dragons in the air, the dead were dropping left right and center, Arya comes out of nowhere like the ninja she is and totally DESTROYS the Night King! KAPOW!

And we had some unfortunate deaths, too.


I'm talking Dolorous Edd, Lyanna Mormont, Beric Dondarrion, Theon Greyjoy, Ser Jorah Mormont. All of them died protecting others, the noble so and so's.

But we had a couple of sweet moments in an unlikely place.


Yes, down in the crypts is where all the women, children and dwarves hid from the battle. Pretty much anyone who couldn't swing a sword, use fire magic or ride a dragon.

We got to see some people rise from the dead.

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Yes, it seems the Starks totally came back to life. It was straight out of zombie movie, right down to who dark and horrific. Or, at least I thought it was horrific, it was definitely dark though.

The best moment was between Sansa and Tyrion.


They shared a genuinely nice, yet bittersweet moment between the two of them.

Essentially, they gave people on a reason to ship the two characters some more.

The two have quite the history together.


They were married for a while, but they never consummated the marriage.

Ever since Tyrion has been pretty kind to the young Stark girl and even denied intercourse from her. Good for you, Tyrion.

Remember that marriage?


It was forced on her in Season 3, and although she was a prisoner of the Lannisters and Tyrion was a 33-year-old drunk it was... alright, it was pretty weird, to say the least.

Seriously, people were not about it.


Twitter blew up about how lame and weird it was. The age difference wasn't the only thing, it was that she was visibly uncomfortable with the whole thing. Heck, did she have a marriage she ever enjoyed?

She's got a bad history with marriage, I'm afraid.


First, she was (kind of) married to Joffrey, the most loving and caring character on the show.

Next was Tyrion and then she rounded everything off with Ramsay Bolton, another caring character.

During the battle, they talked about that marriage briefly.


They joked about it, and then they looked truth in the face: they both may die in the crypts of Winterfell.

They shared a really sweet (in the loving sense) kiss on the hand and then... survived. Thank goodness.

However, over time they warmed up to the two.

Especially because Tyrion was so nice to her.

Especially especially because Tyrion was essentially saving her from a husband who liked to beat her for pleasure.

Sansa even called Tyrion something sweet.


She said that he was "the best of them". I'm not sure if she's calling him the best of the Lannisters or the best of her husbands, but either way, she's right honestly.

And people really reacted well to the hand kissing moment.

And of course they did! It was heart melting sweet! It's so... ahem... I'm not crying, there's just some dirt in my eye! Or it's my allergies! Aw to heck with it, it's just so darn beautiful!

But, there was another scene planned for them.

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And honestly, I don't personally know how they didn't fit it in.

Then again, when a battle scene takes 55 days to shoot, you're going to want to show that off instead of tiny little character moments.

In the YouTube video associated with the episode, we get to know what that scene was.

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Apparently, the two of them were supposed to sneak up on some wights and take them out.

Presumably, through some wacky Kevin McCalister movements.

You can watch the moment around the 19:00 mark.

How do you think it would've gone down?

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Would it have been a wacky Home Alone moment? Or would it have been all serious and a moment of real character building? Like this is the moment we get to see Sansa becoming a real kick-butt lady?

In any case, Sansa enjoyed it.

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She said that for once, she got to do a cool action scene.

Honestly, with the way she's been treated throughout the series, it's about time she got something cool to do.

They both had a lot of fun, in fact.

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Apparently, they were doing a bunch of Mission Impossible stuff, going around corners with finger guns and generally being funny.

Honestly, the whole Game Of Thrones set sounds like a blast.

What do you think should've gone down?


Maybe they should've had their awesome action moment? Or was it fine just the way it was?

I don't know how you could feel the latter was the way to go, because the wacky action scene had a lot of potential.

Do you think they make a good couple?


Are you one of those people to ship Tyrion and Sansa?

Do you have dreams about them sitting together, lovingly joking amongst themselves, and then Tyrion resting his head upon Sansa's shoulder as they gaze into the moonlight? You're the one projecting here, right?

And finally, what do you think the future holds for these two characters?

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Will either of them sit upon the Iron Throne? Does either of them truly deserve it? Honestly, if it isn't Arya winning in the end, don't even talk to me.