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Ben & Jerry's Knows What We Want And Made Their Cookie Dough Snackable

I'm one of those people that always has a tub of cookie dough ice cream in their fridge and a DQ Blizzard is just a cup of triple-stuff dough with just enough soft serve to hold it all together.

This one time, my parents made the mistake of buying one of those buckets of Pillsbury dough from Costo. I don't think cookies were ever made from it, even though it disappeared quickly.

Obviously, this means that my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavors are those with cookie dough chunks.

From classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, to Half-Baked, to The Tonight Dough, I love them all. I also adore many of the varieties containing chunks of actual cookies. I do actually bake cookie dough occasionally too.

So let's just go into this assuming that I have a bias, 'kay?

Because OMG Ben & Jerry's just released packages of just the cookie dough chunks!

Ben & Jerry's

They know that sometimes we're in it just for the chunks, so they decided to just solve the problem for us. The little frozen nuggets are on their way to freezer sections everywhere.

They come in three varieties.

Ben & Jerry's

There's the classic chocolate chip and for fans of The Tonight Dough, you can also get peanut butter chunks. There is also a vegan option for the chocolate chip dough.

The dough isn't just damn tasty, but it's also doing a little bit of good.

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Ben & Jerry's has all their dough chunks made by Rhino Foods in Vermont, a company devoted to supporting the state's refugee population.

They work with local organizations to employ recent arrivals to America and provide English language classes, prayer spaces, and various holidays for their diverse workforce.

To keep up with the newest snackable offering, Rhino Foods has already hired 20 more people, many of them New Americans.

Of course, the fact that they're putting some good out into the world is just the cherry on top of the snackable chookie dough sundae.

Well, I'm off to check my local supermarkets and raid their entire stock if they've got it! I can't wait!