Fans Brightened The Latest 'Game Of Thrones' Episode And It Revealed So Many Details

We all knew going into an episode titled "The Long Night" that it was probably going to be pretty dark — thematically and literally.

Unfortunately, unless you had every light in your house turned off and a good display to watch on, the episode may have been too dark to actually see what was going on.

Luckily, some fans had all of our collective backs!

For instance, this is how a lot of us witnessed this moment between Jon and Dany.


I can really... feel... the... emotion? That they're feeling and definitely expressing with their faces? The love, or maybe the fear, or maybe the... worry? Umm...

YouTube user Hivemind brightened it up a bit for us here.

YouTube | Hivemind

Now I can finally see how they're looking at each other. And I can really appreciate Dany's intricate braid situation she's got going on there. Hey, the costume and makeup department work hard on the show too — show 'em some love!

This is how Daenarys looked soaring on Drogon originally.


The dragons on Game of Thrones really are some of the best CGI creatures on television and this episode really did show them off (especially in that epic fight scene), but this was a bit hard to read.

And... there we go.

YouTube | Hivemind

Now not only can we see Drogon's spikes and movement beneath her, we can also see the determined look on her face. Note to self: do not mess with Dany while she's on her dragon.

Sansa and Arya really looked worried here... I think.


It doesn't help that pretty much everyone on this show exclusively dresses in black. I can't blame them, though — I pretty much exclusively wear black and I don't have a war to fight at nighttime.

So much more detail!

YouTube | Hivemind

Here we go. Now we can see that they're actually looking in two different directions, so they've got either one big thing worrying them, or two separate things worrying them. Based on the episode I'm going to guess they had many, many things worrying them all at once.

This shot was pretty epic as-is.


The dragons lighting it up on the battlefield was probably my favorite moment of the whole episode. To quote Rhaegal and Drogon themselves, "Fwoosh!"

It's even MORE awe-inspiring with the brightness up.

YouTube | Hivemind

Look at the sheer numbers on that battlefield! The scale of the dragons' attack was lost on me in all the darkness and with all my shrieking.

Last but not least, this moment from Jaime seems slightly less dignified.

HBO, YouTube | Hivemind

Judging by his scared expression in this shot, I think Jaime would've preferred it if we didn't ever get to see his true facial expression.

Sometimes, things are better in the dark.