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Emilia Clarke Revealed That 'Game Of Thrones' Episode 5 Is 'Bigger' Than Battle Of Winterfell

What's that? We're talking about Game Of Thrones again? Well, better tell all the fine folks out there that there may be spoilers ahead, and I better do it twice too.

Can never be too...

Careful, there are "Game Of Thrones" spoilers ahead.


If you haven't seen Season 8, Episode 3 of the hit TV show and don't want it to be spoiled, then I suggest freezing your laptop or phone until after you see it, then you can defrost your device and read this article.

Are they gone?


Cool, because we need to talk about "The Long Night".

Specifically, how awesome and huge it was. They promised us it would be like Helm's Deep, and it was, with all the lights turned out.

Let's recap, folks.


The Army of The Dead meets the... uh... Army of The Living at the gates of Winterfell.

The Dothraki army charges them and... is almost immediately cut down. Yeesh. Better luck next time, guys. Oh, and Eddison Tollett is killed saving Sam.



Melisandre creates a firewall (I think it was by Norton) and the living retreat into the castle.

Meanwhile, Jon and Dany engage the Night King in a sweet dragon battle, which is the one thing Lord Of The Rings was missing.

The dead overwhelm the castle.


Suddenly, our heroes are surrounded by stinking, icy, wights.

Lyanna Mormont and Beric are killed in the process, and Melisandre tells Arya to deny the god of death his day.

Flames erupt in the night.


Jon has knocked the Night King off his dragon, and Daenerys blasts him with a whole bunch of flame! That's it! He should be dead, right! Pokemon tells us that fire beats ice, right?

Except it doesn't.


Yeah, the Night King is still kicking, the resilient b-word.

The Night King starts bringing peeps back from the dead, we're talking all the people in the crypts too. Not cool NK, not cool.

Jorah dies defending Daenerys.


Like the ultimate nice guy beta boy that he is. Theon dies protecting Bran like... uh... the nice guy beta boy that he is? I dunno, for all I know he wasn't trying to make love to Bran, so Theon you can just be a nice guy.

Finally, the time has come.


Bran looks at the Night King. The Night King looks at Bran. Suddenly, "I swear" by All-4-One starts to play.

The Night King bends down and then he and Bran embrace, becoming the Night Bran. Which I think is similar to Raisin Bran, but a lot colder.

I'm kidding.


Of course, Arya comes out of nowhere and stabs the Night King, ending the threat of the Walkers forever.

Boom, everything's all wrapped up and we can have a big ol' huggy-wuggy ending. There are absolutely no more surprises.

Unless there are.

Youtube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

Cut to May 1st, when Emilia Clarke, the woman who plays Daenerys, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the show, presumably.

Trust me, it was a great interview.

She starts off by talking about people kneeling in front of her.


Turns out, it doesn't happen all that much. People apparently come up to her and just say "hey".

Huh! Like she's a regular person and not a character on a TV show. What a world!

She then goes on talking about filming Season 8, Episode 3.

Youtube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

"It was an extraordinary experience," she says.

Apparently, during the showing, she was shaking and crying as well. Jimmy, ever so hilarious, says that would be a "good sign". A good sign indeed, Jimmy my friend.

She then talks about her interactions with her brother on set.

Youtube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

Apparently, he's in the camera department and will often want to come to see his dear old sister. She doesn't let him come for the love scenes though and admits she would be a lot more embarrassed than he would.

That's when she drops the big one.

Youtube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

Oh yeah, she says Episode 5 is going to be a big one.

That's big with a capital B folks.

Our prediction: Arya wins the Iron Throne and then they do an epilogue episode for number 6. Calling it right now, if I'm right I am the ultimate Game Of Thrones caller.

As IF this show couldn't get any crazier.

Let the fan theories roll in!

What do you think is going to happen in episode five that makes this episode even bigger? Let us know!