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Sephora Apologizes After SZA Tweeted About Being Accused Of Shoplifting Fenty Beauty

If you've ever had a shop employee glaring suspiciously at you because they think you shoplifted, this story will definitely resonate with you.

It happens to the best of us, even celebrities.

Just incase you need a quick memory jog, SZA is the singer-songwriter responsible for bangers like "Love Galore", "Broken Clocks", and many others.

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All of her songs are bops and if you haven't heard them yet, I highly recommend you get on that as soon as possible.

Aside from being a musical genius, she is also an avid makeup enthusiast.

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She's even modeled in a campaign for Rihanna's makeup line, Fenty Beauty, in the past.

So, one day, she did what many of us makeup-connoisseurs do ever chance we get — she took a trip to her nearest Sephora location to stock up on a few goodies.

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But things quickly took a turn for the worst.

A Sephora employee called security on her to ensure she wasn't shoplifting.

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Apparently, this employee lives under a rock and doesn't listen to mainstream music because they did not recognize the celeb at all — and if they did, they'd realize that SZA surely doesn't need to steal Fenty Beauty products.

SZA took to twitter to complain about her humiliating shopping experience.

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She explained that she and the security personnel had a "long talk".

Presumably, she was able to prove that she was, in fact, not stealing.

In a separate tweet, SZA asked if it was possible for her to shop for Fenty in peace.

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Obviously, everyone has the right to shop without being harassed and accused of crimes they didn't commit.

It's SZA. She could probably buy the whole damn store if she wanted to.

Ironically, SZA used to work at Sephora before she got famous.

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Which probably made matters marginally more irritating to her.

Having worked at Sephora before and put in her time with the company, you'd think she'd get a little bit more credit than this.

Sephora acknowledged what went down and reached out to SZA, formally apologizing.

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They reassured her that they regret that this happened to her and that they take these complaints seriously.

In a separate tweet they told her that she is still a member of the "Sephora family".

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They explained that they want everyone to feel welcome in their stores.

SZA hasn't publicly acknowledged Sephora's apology, but her fans have — and they are not happy.

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Her fans replied to Sephora, basically telling them to take their apology and shove it if they plan on keeping around "racist" employees.

Fans were outraged, accusing Sephora of hiring a racist that falsely accused SZA of shoplifting based solely on her skin color.

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This fan suggested that they should probably vet their employees better before hiring them.

This fan revealed that this isn't the first time she has heard of employees racially profiling their customers.

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They added that Sephora better get their act together because she doesn't want to have to start boycotting the brands she loves.

Fans are even leaving online reviews.

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Countless SZA fans flooded in, leaving one-star reviews, commenting that their store is "canceled", and calling them out for their blatant disrespect.

This fan left a one-star review, telling them they messed with the wrong girl.

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SZA was the wrong person to wrongly call security on — her fans are making that abundantly clear.

Another fan tweeted that these are the "struggles of being black".

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Do you think that Sandy, the Sephora employee, should face repercussions for racial profiling? Should Sephora do more for SZA to compensate for this major error?