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19+ Hacks For Saving Money Literally Everywhere

I've always considered myself to be fairly frugal and there's nothing more in this world that I love more than saving money. Therefore there's nothing that I hate more than throwing money down the drain unnecessarily.

So if you're like me, listen up! I've got some cool hacks that will help you save money in all aspects of your life. You're welcome!

1. Save That Change

Of Life And Lisa

You'd be surprised how quickly your savings can add up if you start collecting loose change. I've done this to save for vacations and concerts.

2. Take Advantage Of Discounts

Pixabay | JESHOOTS

If you're a student or a senior there are plenty of discounts available that you can take advantage of for shopping or attractions like museums.

3. Get The Right Credit Card

Pixabay | Jarmoluk

Certain credit cards come with nifty rewards like points you can use for shopping, travel, or getting cash-back at the end of the year.

4. Sign Up For Rewards


Loyalty programs are my jam. I love getting free stuff like movie tickets, discounts, and extra points. You shop there anyway so why not.

5. Use The Right Font


Apparently, some fonts like Times New Roman, Century Gothic or Comic Sans, use more ink than others. So use Garamond instead. Who knew? I didn't.

6. Dry Clothes Outside

Jon Peters

Obviously this only works in good weather, but drying on a clothesline can save you loads of money and help the environment. It's a win-win.

7. Buy Cleaning Products At The Dollar Store

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Why waste money buying expensive cleaning supplies when you can get them at the dollar store instead and for way cheaper.

8. Dryer Sheet To The Rescue


Those air fresheners surely run out fast so instead of replacing them all the time use dryer sheets instead. They work really well.

9. Do Price Matching

The Simple Dollar

If you find a better price at a competitor's store, just bring their flyer to your favorite neighborhood store and most of them will price match.

10. Don't Throw Away Old Jars

Zest It Up

Instead you can upcycle them and store all your everyday items in them. This is a great idea. I gotta start doing this.

11. Reuse Old Envelopes For Note Pads

Instagram | @adrienne_jae

I dunno why they charge so much for simple note pads. So using old envelopes sounds like an awesome idea. And you use less paper, too.

12. Reuse Zipper Bags

The Yummy Life

I dunno who got the idea that these bags had only a single use. Unless you're storing raw meat, wash them and reuse them again and again.

13. Buy Seasonal Fruits And Veggies

Instagram | @crueltyfreechika

Locally grown fruits and veggies are usually way cheaper and if you buy what's in season you'll also save a lot of dollars.

14. Grow Your Vegetables

The Gracious Wife

Even better idea is to grow your own vegetables and herbs. Lots of them are low maintenance and can easily be grown indoors at any time.

15. Freeze Your Food


I had no idea that you can do this but did you know that you can freeze ripe avocados to use later? Wow, genius.

16. Take Advantage Of Free Trials

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Lots of websites offer free trials to try out their services. Sign up to take advantage but remember to cancel before trial runs out.

17. DIY Beauty Products

Eco Snippets

Beauty products can get really expensive especially when you buy certain brands. But there are so many of them you can just make at home.

18. Buy Makeup Dupes


Speaking of expensive beauty products, there are many dupes available that you can usually buy for just a fraction of the cost and they still work.

19. Fast Food Saver

Twitter | @eueza

Certain items in fast food joints are overpriced. Instead of that Big Mac just order McDouble, skip ketchup and mustard, ask for lettuce and special sauces.

20. Make Your Own Special Latte

Baking Mischief

It's unbelievable how much coffee places charge for a latte. Stock up on some ingredients and just make them at home. Instant savings.