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Police Hunt Man Who Laughed As He Threw A Dog From A Seaside Cliff

Although the internet's love of dogs is undeniably powerful, it's also true that not everyone likes them quite as much as we might assume from how vocal their fans are.

Yet, no matter how true that may be, many of the people who fall in that camp would still agree that we should not tolerate cruelty towards them.

If a dog is just minding its business, it takes a special kind of nightmarish thinking to decide that it's suddenly time to put its life in danger.

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And so, the intense public response to a particularly vile act against an innocent dog is understandable, but police are saying it also isn't terribly helpful.

If you are an animal lover and a compassionate person, stories like this are hard to hear.

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Who could harm such an innocent animal and then think that it is funny?

Yesterday, an unknown pair took a disturbing video from a cliff believed to be near Falmouth, England.

Cornwall Live

As Cornwall Live reported, the clip shows a teenager throwing this dog off the edge as his friend films the act.

Sadly, the pair seemed to pull this dangerous stunt for fun.

Unsplash | Anastasia Taioglou

As Cornwall Live reported, the person filming can apparently be heard "shrieking with laughter."

Although it's unclear exactly which cliff this video was filmed at, the general area gave the public a particular reason for concern.

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As The Daily Mail reported, some cliffs in the Falmouth area are over 100 feet high, so there's no telling what kind of risk the instigators exposed this dog to.

The dog reportedly flailed its limbs in terror as it plunged into the ocean below.

Cornwall Live

These images are very hard to look at.

Thankfully, there is some good news ahead.

The video doesn't just stop when the dog hits the water.

Cornwall Live

It can be seen swimming towards shore, but those who saw the footage weren't able to confirm the dog's well-being, especially without knowing the temperature of the water that day.

As the video spread across social media, outrage among the public escalated quickly.

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However, the understandable fervor gave way to some speculation as some viewers were apparently led to believe that the dog had to be put down after breaking its back.

However, police were able to locate the animal and examined it enough to confirm that it wasn't injured.

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As Cornwall Live reported, police also asked members of the public, particularly those active on social media, not to speculate about what happened or about the identity of the people involved.

The rumor outlined above was likely the reason for this statement.

Police also had a statement for those who felt their passion for animal welfare boil over after this incident.

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As a representative said, “We ask that people, including users of social media, do not speculate around the circumstances of this incident, or the individual involved."

"We are aware of threats that have been made online would urge members of the public to leave this investigation with the police, and not to take the law into their own hands."

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The investigation is still going on.

Fortunately law enforcement are taking this incident very seriously.

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"We are very concerned about this incident and would like to reassure people we are looking into it," an RSPCA spokesperson explained.

Although the video spread quickly through the internet, you're not likely to see it now.

According to The Daily Mail, the video and a series of shared copies of it have since been deleted.

Hug your furbabies a little closer.

No animal deserves the horrible treatment like the one the teenager put their dog through.

h/t: Cornwall Live