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Hilarious Video Shows Little Girl Training Pet Bird To Attack Her Enemies

Kids do the darnedest things.

We think it's safe to assume that our kids have relatively harmless vocations, but once in a while a kid comes along that changes our minds.

Raising a pet and a kid in the same family is a wild experience.

Which one am I training again?

Regardless of the high energy level that exists in the dynamic, it's comforting to know that our kids and their pets have a special, protective relationship.

This girl and her pet bird have formed a strong bond.

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I've personally been afraid of birds my whole life, so it's wild to me that someone so young is brave enough to carry one around.

They're flappy, okay? The flappiness just isn't alright.

And they also kind of just do what they want — they're very unpredictable.

I want no part of that Hitchcock movie.

She's trained the bird to do something rather...specific.

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Whenever she screams at someone in anger, the bird lunges at them and full on attacks them.

This little girl legitimately trained an attack bird to use against her enemies.

Don't get on the wrong side of this girl.

Some people just aren't to be messed with, and this little girl is 100% one of them.

That's a lot of power in some small hands.

I feel like I need to do the same thing, tbh.

This is a great trick to ward off people who annoy me, like mouth breathers, loud food eaters, nail tappers, movie-spoiling folk.

The list could go on forever.

Her uncle shared the video of her commanding the bird on Twitter.

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In the video, the little girl turns to the woman behind the camera and screams. The bird then flies towards the camera, and the woman screams.

The girl didn't look to be in any danger, and was likely just showing off her bird training skills.

Birds can be trained to do a lot of things, apparently.

Did I think that a household parrot could be trained to attack people? Absolutely not. However, this valuable information will now bring me one step closer to my goal of having a bird who steals McDonald's fries for me.

The video has over 1.2 million views.

Naturally, it's garnered a lot of varying reactions. People have been particularly honing in on the girl's "family is forever" shirt, in contrast to her aggressive training methods.

Some people thought it was fake.

Having a pet bird that protective of its owner is certainly uncommon, and it is true that we didn't see what was going on behind the camera.

Others saw the aggression as adorable.

A lot of tweets flooding the thread are compliments to the little girl. What could a cute face like that possibly need with a flapping attack machine?

People even started sharing their own memes of the bird itself.

Family is forever...or else.

There's a very specific look in that bird's eyes. He's seen things—things that have changed him.

He protec, but he also attac.

The bird seriously was r e a d y to go.

Maybe this little girl is who is controlling the birds to attack the public in The Birds.

Honestly, I'd feel proud knowing my daughter knew how to defend herself.

Some kids like to dress barbies or build race car tracks, and some want to train a bird army with which to take over the earth. To each their own!