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Video Shows Officer Responding To Noise Complaint By Playing The Drums Himself

By now, we've all seen the party movie trope. A young group of ambitious ragers are having a blast until a particularly grumpy neighbor calls the cops on them.

It seems all is lost when the stone-faced officers arrive until the charming protagonist thinks of some clever ruse to shoo them away and give the festivities a more natural conclusion.

And while real noise complaint responses are rarely anything to write home about, the scene captured in the full video shows that police officers like to have fun too.

Last Friday, the streets of southern Oklahoma City had a surprise feature.

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As the city police department posted on Facebook, somebody had set up a full drum kit and was jamming away.

Although that might be fun to see, it can get a little distracting if you have to work next to it.

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At least, that's a possible reason why the jam session led someone to call the police and lodge a noise complaint.

The first to respond to the call was Officer Nate Ross.

Facebook | Oklahoma City Police Department

He spoke to the drummer for a while and explained why he was there, but as that conversation went on, it seemed that Ross felt the call of an old habit.

Apparently, Ross had never revealed that he used to play the drums before joining the force.

Facebook | Oklahoma City Police Department

And here, he saw a chance to see if he still had it and as far far as his performance came across in the full video, it definitely sounded like he did.

Of course, a cop playing the drums in the middle of the street isn't exactly something you see every day.

Facebook | Oklahoma City Police Department

So it wasn't much of a surprise when passers-by took their phones out and recorded what was unfolding in front of them.

As far as Officer Ross was concerned, this moment captured an example of what he believes police work should be about.

Facebook | Oklahoma City Police Department

As he told his colleagues, "I firmly believe that the success of our department, in part, is about our interactions with citizens. I could have gone over there, talking down to them, telling them it was too loud and they needed to turn it down...but this was a lot more gave me a chance to interact with the people I serve."

After he was done, Ross' performance earned him some hugs and handshakes.

Not only that, but it let him achieve what he set out to do as the drummer turned down his kit and left shortly thereafter.

You can see Officer Ross doing his thing in the full video here.

h/t: Facebook | Oklahoma City Police Department

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