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Pete Davidson's Reaction After Breaking Up With Kate Beckinsale is Relatable AF

Pete Davidson cannot catch a break.

After his rather public relationship with Ariana Grande, and the subsequent very public breakup, it looked like he'd found happiness with actress Kate Beckinsale.

Well, that turned out to be short-lived. And his reaction is basically all of us.

Spoiler alert: it involves food.

Rewind time: How we got to "Pete and Kate"

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Basically, here's my excuse to talk about Ariana Grande.

After she split from Mac Miller, and he split from Cazzie David, Ariana and Pete basically fell into a whirlwind relationship that made headlines everywhere.

Ariana and Pete got engaged, like, 5 minutes after they started dating

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Okay, they actually announced their engagement in June, two months after they started dating.

They broke up in October. The romance that had baffled many and included matching tattoos was very suddenly over.

Pete bore the brunt of the breakup

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Vicious fans and media personalities attacked Pete online, leading to him addressing the situation on his Instagram.

Ariana backed him up, saying that she "will always have irrevocable love for him [...]"

Which led to him deleting his Instagram

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After worrying friends and family by posing what looked a goodbye message on his Instagram, Pete deleted the entire account. (He has since reactivated it.)

After that, he really needed a win, if you ask me.

So imagine how shocked people were when news of his newest relationship emerged

While rumors were swirling about it, actual confirmation didn't hit the internet until pictures of Pete and Kate Beckinsale surfaced.

Five months after he and Ariana's engagement was broken off, Pete had a new girlfriend.

Pete and Kate decided to put on a show at a Rangers game

I say "put on a show" because they were in public, very visible, and very obviously making out with full tongue.

Like, it was pretty graphic for two people just watching sports together.

Thankfully, Antoni had us all covered on the meme front

Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski (known to people like my mom as "the guy who cooks") had to sit next to the couple in the epitome of discomfort for the game.

Antoni, sweetie, I'm so sorry. Thank you for your sacrifice so that we could have memes.

Unfortunately, the pair ultimately broke up

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News of their split came in late April 2019.

The two had been "cooling off" in regards to their relationship, trying to slow things down. It looks like they slowed to a straight-up stop.

Pete knew exactly how to deal with it, though

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And that's with superhero movies.

The massive success of Avengers: Endgame has a powerful draw for many — the film racked up over $350 million in its opening weekend alone — so it's not exactly a shock that celebrities want to see it.

Pete hit up a showing in Baltimore

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While on tour doing stand-up, Pete decided to join a group of his friends at a showing of Endgame, reports Page Six.

While there, he opened his wallet and treated the entire audience to an epic present.

I would have killed to be in that theatre

Pete apparently bought the whole theatre McDonald's.

Now that's how you watch a movie, people.

Surprisingly, the whole meal apparently cost $400, which kinda seems like a deal. I mean, that fed an entire theatre full of people.

Some people thought they were somehow superior to Pete

I'm here to tell you that I am 100% sure a man who dated Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale, and who could splurge to buy an entire movie theatre audience McDonald's while watching one of the most anticipated movies of the century is doing better than most of us.

Like. In my opinion. Sorry, Dan.

This person gets it

Hello, Pete got to date Kate Beckinsale. That's an honor.

Plus, we have to stop ragging on celebrities for doing things we would also totally do.

If I had the opportunity to date Kate Beckinsale and buy people food, I would. That's just the truth.

My favorite part is Baltimore natives ragging on his theater choice

Now this is what a call a valid criticism.

Maybe it was the closest to where he was staying, maybe he just likes the theatre.

I will say, though...does any of that really matter when you're watching a Marvel movie?

Anyway, no matter your opinion on him, let's just respect the game

The game, of course, being the Endgame. Do not spoil that movie in the comments, y'all.

Some people haven't seen it yet. And if you have and you see real spoilers...idk, post some ridiculous fake ones so that no one knows which ones are real. #DontSpoilTheEndgame