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Mom Of Nine Explains Why She's 'Thrilled' To Be Expecting Baby Number Ten

We know that families come in all shapes and sizes, and some are much, much bigger than others.

One mom, who is currently expecting her tenth child, recently took to the internet to give some insight into her life as a mom to 10 children.

She dove into all the highlights and challenges she faces and it's honestly so interesting.

Courtney Rogers is a mom to 10 children under the age of 10, or "10 under 10" as she likes to put it.

With her husband, Courtney has seven "singletons" and a set of fraternal twins. She's also currently expecting her tenth child, a baby girl. Congrats!

Both Courtney and her husband were part of large families growing up.

Courtney is one of six kids, and her husband had nine siblings growing up. Courtney didn't have a certain number in mind when they started having kids and they've happily watched their family grow.

She says she is still "thrilled" every time she gets a positive pregnancy test.

Courtney's husband, however, while happy with the news, has come to expect it now and it's a normal part of their marriage.

"I’m sure that sounds so foreign to most people, but since it’s all we’ve ever known, the experience of going a few years without a pregnancy would be extremely foreign to us, she wrote in a post for Love What Matters.

Even though Courtney's pregnancies have been healthy on the whole, she's had some difficulties.

She suffered two miscarriages and had to have an emergency C-section due to placenta previa. Her twins also had to be delivered early because of an issue with the umbilical cords.

As well, Courtney has had to deal with mom-shaming and judgement from complete strangers.

People openly gawk at Courtney and her family.

"From unpleasant stares to statements like, ‘Did you have them all with the same partner?!’ or ‘Seven kids? That’s terrible!’" Courtney said describing these encounters.

She also laughs when people tell her that she must "have her hands full" when she's out with a few of her kids.

If they only knew, ha!

As you can imagine, life with nine (soon to be 10) kids can be challenging in other ways.

There's always diapers to change, snacks to prepare, and questions to answer. Simple, everyday tasks like shopping can take a bit more effort for this family.

But despite the challenges, Courtney wouldn't change anything about her big family.

She's happy her children have so many playmates close to their age.

"I hope my children will grow up remembering all the fun and chaos we had together," she said.

She loves that each birthday and holiday gets to be a big family celebration.

With a good sense of humor and loving approach, Courtney and her family certainly have a whole lot of love for each other.

"...our household is full of noise, messes, and laughter," said Courtney.