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Instagram Model Hits Back After Being Accused Of Faking Her Cellulite

As someone who's spent literally any amount of time on the Internet, it shouldn't be surprising to learn that it is full of trolls, especially if you're a woman on Instagram.

Getting hateful comments telling you your body isn't perfect is nothing new to Instagram models, but what about hateful comments telling you they think your body is actually perfect and you're lying about it?

This is Ariella Nyssa.

Instagram | @ariellanyssa

Ariella is an Instagram model, influencer, and all around bombshell. She's got 252k followers, so you know the comment section on her posts is always popping.

You may have noticed that she's got a rockin' bod.

Instagram | @ariellanyssa

Ariella is huge proponent of body positivity and openly posts about her struggles with self-love and self-acceptance when it comes to her body.

She's most well known for embracing her cellulite.

Instagram | @ariellanyssa

She's super passionate about normalizing cellulite and showing it off in her posts. She wrote in one, "It’s a cellu-LIT SUNDAY! just wanted to show you guys my cellulite on fleek today because it’s NORMAL. It’s APART OF YOU. And it’s [expletive] BEAUTIFUL."

She's received a lot of hate in the past for showing off her natural beauty.

Instagram | @ariellanyssa

She shared in one post the kind of comments she's received, "I receive many comments about my cellulite and cellulite in general. [...] 'You only have cellulite because you are lazy,' 'If you have cellulite that means you are unhealthy.'"

Lately, though, she's gotten a different kind of hate.

Instagram | @ariellanyssa

People have been accusing Ariella of faking her cellulite. Haters will and DO claim that it's photoshop, and that she's trying to ride the coattails of the body positivity movement.

It's not the first time a model has been accused of faking a unique feature.

Instagram | @krotchy

Model Sarah McDaniel has been accused by many people of faking heterochromia, a condition that causes the striking look of two different colored eyes.

Ariella shut down the haters with a simple excuse.

Instagram | @ariellanyssa

She's just bad with technology. Though people say she purposefully edits her photos to make her cellulite look worse, she claims, "To be honest I’m just really bad at using Lightroom presets and I’m trying to get the hang of it as I go."

Do you buy it?

Instagram | @ariellanyssa

Her cellulite looks pretty real to me, and the idea of editing your pictures to make it look worse seems a little silly.

It looks like people will find any reason to leave a mean comment on Instagram!