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You Can Now Get Babybel ‘Mini Rolls’ And Normal String Cheese Is Cancelled

Admit it—cheese is one of your major food groups. With so many different kinds with different textures and flavors, there is a cheese for everyone on earth.

You can pry my cheese snacks out of my cold, dead hands.

Babybel cheese has always been a classic snack.

They're light and tasty, small but filling, and oh so fun to unwrap.

Babybels have been our favorites since childhood, and just like cheese, they seem to get better with age.

But now, there's a new kid in town.


Babybel just announced a new variation of their cheese snacks called Mini Rolls. They are individually packaged cheese spirals that you can unwrap as you eat.

Cheese string who? We don't know her.

They are sold in packages of five, and are a thinner version of string cheese.


Each roll is 45 calories and has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

I didn't think that Babybels could get more fun, but here we are. I'm so grateful.

"Parents can feel good about serving a healthy and filling snack that's tasty and convenient for all occasions."


Babybel Innovation Manager Iris Terolli-Hall has says that the snack is a perfect combination of fun and nutrition.

"Packed in a portable pouch and offering a good source of protein, kids will have fun pulling, peeling and twisting their Babybel Mini Rolls," she said.

Babybel Mini Rolls are available in-store at Target.

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Each pack of five rolls retails for around $3.89. What a deal for pure bliss and happiness.

Tie my Christmas presents with Mini Rolls. Lay me to rest in a Mini Rolls woven casket. Snack innovation is getting wild, folks.