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Wendy's Is Now Selling Cookie Sundae Frosties To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

When I was growing up, I had the pleasure of living next to a Blockbuster Video and a Wendy's, so the only place in my city that made me happier was the mall that had both a mini-golf course and an arcade.

To make my childhood trips to Wendy's even better, there was one manager in particular who would often slide me a free frosty with my order.

This rarely failed to make my day, but I can only imagine how excited I would've been if the chain's new twist on their classic treat had been a thing at the time.

Working fast food is rarely easy, so particularly lovely customers may end up with a special chilly treat if they play their cards right.

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For instance, the guys who received these apparently stood up for a cashier when someone else was acting abusive towards them.

With this in mind, it's no surprise that frosties hold a special place in our hearts, but they've just become even better.

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Just like before, the new option lets you choose whether you want to start with a chocolate or vanilla base.

But now, you can upgrade that choice from just a frosty to the base of the new frosty cookie sundae.

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In case it always felt like something was missing from the little dessert, Wendy's has thrown in some chocolaty cookie bites and chocolate sauce.

More specifically, the bites are from crumbled up chocolate chunk cookies that Wendy's already sells.


It doesn't seem like the sugar cookies and the double chocolate cookies are available toppings, but who knows what you'll get to try in the future?

Wendy's proudly announced their new twist on the frosty, but so did chocolate company Ghirardelli.

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That's because it's their sauce that will end up drizzled all over each frosty cookie sundae.

They're available at participating locations, so we hope that described the one closest to you. If that's true, roll on up and enjoy!