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People Are Losing Their Minds Over Starbucks' New Color-Changing Cold Cups

I am extremely picky about my reusable travel cups. It's not even so much about the look, but I've had so many cheap, leaky travel mugs that I have no trust left for any of them.

The one travel mug I've had that never leaked was from Starbucks and it lasted me for years. I dropped it recently and the ceramic cracked, so I plan to replace it ASAP.

While I'm there, I may need to pick up some of these new color-changing cold cups for the summer.

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I mean, how cute are they?

They totally feed into my childhood nostalgia and judging by the social media reactions to them, I'm not alone in that excitement.

In fact, some people are already trying to cash in on the craze.

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The set of five cups is only $16.50, but I've seen people asking as much as $50 for ones they've scooped up from their local Starbucks.

I think my favorite is the Arctic Raspberry, but I love them all.

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My only quibble is that the lids don't all match as well as they could have. They almost seem random compared to the fun color combos of the cups themselves.

You can mix and match the tops and bottoms, but it never quite matches up perfectly.

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Oh well. I still love them and I'm going to head out on this morning's break to see if the location across from the Diply office still has some.

If they don't, I'll have to stop at the one closer to my house to check there.

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If hot drinks are your thing year-round, they also released a cool new marbled set of five reusable hot cups! There's something for everyone!