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Fans Think That Scarlett Johansson's Red Carpet Look Spoiled A Major 'Endgame' Twist

Alright, so here we go. Yet another Avengers: Endgame article. As per usual, I will do my double spoiler warning in both this intro paragraph and the next segment which will start...

Right now, we've got some "Avengers: Endgame" spoilers.

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You heard it here first folks, if you haven't seen the movie yet then I suggest you toss your laptop/phone/speak and spell out the window because we're about to get into it.

Alright, now that they're gone.


What a movie. What a fitting send-off to the series. I'm not going into detail just yet, because I'm afraid that people accidentally scrolled down and I really don't want to get beat up. I know I come off as tough and rugged, but I'm really not.

Okay, now we can get into it.


Remember when Cap was standing up to the entirety of Thanos' army and it's that one shot where it's him against the world? That was probably the best shot I've seen in a movie in years.

But we're not here to talk about that today.


No, today we're here to talk about accidental spoilers. And no, surprisingly, they didn't come out of Tom Holland's loose lips. So, for once, good for you Tom. Keep up the... er... decent work.

No, today the fate of one of the Avengers may have been spoiled by the person who plays her.

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That's right, I said her. It's 2019, women can spoil movies too now #ImWithHer. Yes, the person who is potentially the Spoiling Sasha is... well, you read the title. You know it's Scarlett Johansson.

Let me set the stage for you, dear viewer.

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It's the lead up to Avengers: Endgame, in fact, it's the LA Premiere. All the peeps are showing up, including everyone's favorite Russian sleeper agent turned goodie– ScarJo.

Now let's take a look at her jewelry.

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As you can see, she is wearing some infinity stone inspired jewelry. Pretty cool, I know, I wish I could wear that too, but there's something interesting about the ensemble.

Notice how the Soul Stone is the most prominent.

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To the naked eye, it doesn't look all that suspect. I mean, it IS a nice stone and it really compliments her wrist, so why wouldn't she make it the center of attention?

Well, people who have seen "Endgame" know better.


Oh yes. While all the people who hadn't seen the highest grossing film of all time slept quietly in their beds, we glorious seers-of-the-film knew what ScarJo was referring too.

Oh, you don't remember?


Let me refresh your memory about the plot a little bit: so, the remaining Avengers decide to use the Quantum Realm to go back in time and take the soul stones in order to defeat Thanos.

Yes, I know, a little weird, but stay with me here.


So, they split into a couple of different groups. Rocket and Thor go to Asgard, Iron Man, Captain America and Ant-Man go to New York in 2012, Nebula and War Machine go to Morag...

And Hawkeye and Black Widow go to Vormir.


The location of, you guessed it, the Soul Stone. They talk to the Red Skull, the keeper of the Soul Stone, and find out a terrible truth about acquiring the precious infinity gem.

I don't know if you remember "Avengers: Infinity War"


But you have to sacrifice someone you love in order to get the soul stone. You can remember it with this easy little saying: a soul for a soul. Equally convenient and tragic.

Anyways, Black Widow sacrifices herself and they get the soul stone.


And that's why people are saying she spoiled the movie by wearing such a large version of the stone. Because her fate is tied directly to the thing.

What do you think?

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Do you think that's necessarily a spoiler? Do you think ScarJo deserves to be taken out into the streets and beaten like that one guy? I'll tell you one guy who doesn't deserve that: it's me. I have very brittle bones.