Twitter Can't Stop Talking About The Night King's Nails And We Can See Why

When most of us picture a TV or movie villain in our heads, we tend to picture them with jagged, rotten, and dirty fingernails, right? Either that, or we just don't think about their nails at all because that usually isn't ever an important aspect.

But The Night King's nails from Game Of Thrones have caught our attention — and not in the way we'd expect them to.

Warning: S8E3 Spoilers ahead

Okay, so, take a look at this guy.

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Let's paint a little word picture of what we think his nails probably look like.

I'm thinking they're a dark grey — charcoal color, chewed-looking, with lots of mud under them and around the edges, an unruly number of hangnails that cause him constant distress (which is probably why he's so grumpy).

As many of you already know, our girl, Arya, recently killed him.

It was something that pretty much everyone was looking forward to.

No complaints here.

And while we're all pretty stoked about his demise, the scene drew a weird amount of attention to his nails and now we can't stop staring.


They. Are. Perfect.

Remember that word picture we painted earlier? Yeah, they're nothing like that. At all.

They're long, even, perfectly almond-shaped, buffed, polished, filed — there might even be a small layer of UV-protective clear coat on them.

Tweets started pouring in, wanting to know who The Night King's nail tech is.

This fan tweeted that with nails like that, we should start calling him the night queen instead.

Some fans wanted to know the method to this madness.

Does he keep a secret nail file hidden somewhere in his armor?

Does sit on the edge of his bed in his spare time — talking on the phone with his friends, using his shoulder to hold the phone up against his ear, while filing his nails and flipping through that month's issue of Cosmo?

We need answers.

Other fans don't think his nails are au-natural.

This person thinks he's got to be wearing a full set of acrylics — maybe even some gel polish to keep them from chipping?

This person inquired about who exactly does The Night King's nails.

Please send us their number so our nails can be as fire as his.

Besides, now that he's dead, his nail tech lost a client — their calendar is about to open tf up.

This fan finds it peculiar that of all the personal grooming acts The Night King could actually care about, nails seem like they'd be the last thing.

I feel like showering should be the top priority?

Some fans found perfect close-ups of his nails so that we can personally examine them and show our own nail techs for reference.

This is the exact kind of nail-shape I need in my life.

I am absolutely shook. The Night King just showed us all up. These are the most perfect almond-shaped nails I've ever laid eyes on.

Ladies, take notes!

This person thinks that this shade of blue should be readily available in all nail salons.

It must be called "Night King Blue" otherwise, it doesn't count.

Some fans thought it was hilarious that The Night King clearly got his nails done before the battle of Winterfell.

What's more amazing is that he died before breaking a single nail.

This fan was actually disgusted by his nails — didn't find them cute whatsoever.

They pointed out that in 8000 years this dude couldn't take a couple of minutes to trim up his nails.

For a terrifying villain, the guy sure knows how to take care of his nails.


Fans are openly admitting that he had better nails than they do.