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Mom-Shamers Ask Kim Kardashian If North 'Reads' After Sharing A Pic Of Her

Well, the mom-shamers are at it again, and this time they've come for Kim Kardashian West.

Now, Kim is no stranger to these shamers, but at this point, I feel like they are nit-picking every little thing she does or posts about.

The hateful commenters are back in full force once again.

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This time, trolls were pestering Kim about if North "reads" after Kim posted a picture of her on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian West is the proud mama of three children (with another one on the way).

In case you've been having trouble keeping up (see what I did there?), Kim and her husband, Kanye West, are the parents to North, Saint, and Chicago.

Because we live in the age of online mommy-shaming, Kim has been the target of trolls many times.

Many have criticized her for letting North, who is five-years-old, wear lipstick and makeup.

They've also taken issue with how she lets North dress herself.

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Kim shared this adorable shot of North in a pair of her boots, saying, "Sooooo Miss North dressed herself and thought she was ready for the day until I explained she couldn’t wear my boots."

Her comments were flooded with people suspicious of her story.


Some people thought she'd dressed North herself just for the cute story.

Umm... have these people ever met a five year old? This seems likely for all five year olds I know.

People have also been critical of how Kim lets North style her hair.

North has naturally curly hair, but has been known to straighten it, so of course people come after Kim. Really?

Well, the mom shamers are at it again after Kim posted this photo of North.

It seems pretty innocent, right? I mean it looks like she's just watching something on her mom's phone and eating some Goldfish crackers. Seems like typical pre-schooler behavior.

People took issue with the fact that North was using her mom's phone apparently.

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The reality is that most parents let their kids have some screen time. Obviously it shouldn't be all the time, but if 15 minutes of Paw Patrol means that I can make a phone call, then you better believe I'm putting it on for my son.

Some even asked Kim if her daughter "reads".

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Wow, that's rude. All Kim did was post one photo and already people are jumping on her and questioning North's education. C'mon, people.

One person even took it upon themselves to suggest alternative activities for North.

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Um, I'm sure North already has access to all of these things, but thank you for your suggestions (I'm being sarcastic).

Thankfully, many people came to Kim's defense.

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What's with all the negativity, people? So North gets some screen time now and then. She looks healthy and happy, so just leave her mama alone.

Fans reminded the haters that this is common behavior for little girls.


Most five year olds are dramatic and love to dress up. Obviously there are a lot of reasons why North and all the other Kardashian-West children aren't like most kids, but liking to play with cell phones and putting on makeup sometimes are not some of them.

Some people rightfully pointed out the old adage, "not your kid, not your problem."


Seriously. No matter what you think of Kimye's parenting decisions, North is their child to raise, and not yours! It's impossible to make choices that everyone will agree with.

But from what I know about Kim, I don't think she's all that bothered.

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I doubt her or North will be losing any sleep over this incident.

Nobody's better than the Kardashian-Wests at getting through hate and coming out thriving.

I'm sure Kim is coming up with an epic clap back as we speak.

You know Kim doesn't stay quiet for long, especially when it comes to silencing the haters. Alright, can we just stop with the mom-shaming now and let Kim and her family live. Seriously, guys.