Fans Just Realized That Theon's Shocking 'Game Of Thrones' Moment Was Majorly Foreshadowed

Yet another Game Of Thrones episode has come and gone. Today, we're going to take a look at one character's arc and how it ended. And maybe... how he spoiled his ending?

Ahh, "Game Of Thrones".


What a wild ride this final season has been. With episode two having... oh wait, hold on. This is your spoiler warning, people who are still on Season 2.

I'm talking to you mom, hurry up so we can dish about The Red Wedding! Anyways, Spoilers Ahead!

Are they gone? Alright, cool.


Ahh, Game Of Thrones.

What a wild ride this final season has been.

With episode two having Arya lose her virginity and episode three having Arya kill the Night King and... well, a lot of the coolest stuff happened with Arya.

However, there was one character in particular who met his end on Sunday.

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And that would be Theon Greyjoy.

Yes, unfortunately, he was killed by the White Walkers.

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We've had quite the ride with Theon.


At first, he was a ward to the Stark house, occasionally being made fun of for being a prisoner of the Northern family.

He pledges allegiance to Robb when Rob's dad kicks the bucket but betrays him later when his dad, Balon Greyjoy, starts invading the North.

Eventually, he gets captured, gets turned into "Reek"...


And has his... well, you know what taken off. Or, at least, that's what's implied.

Ahh, Ramsay Bolton, you sure are a wacky little guy, aren't you?

Anyways, then he eventually redeems himself

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He sneaks Sansa out of Winterfell and returns her to Jon, then he eventually dies in the Godswood.

Yes, a fitting end for a character that was kind of a lackey, but kind of loveable all the same.

Wait, what was that last part?


You mean about being kind of loveable?

Oh no, you mean about dying in the Godswood.

Yeah, turns out, that part was foreshadowed... just like apparently everything else in this series Ahem Arya killing the Night King Ahem.

Think back to Season 1, Episode 2

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Check out this interaction between Theon and his good ol' buddy Robb, who my mom really hope survives past Season 5 (oof, sorry mom, just skip past the Red Wedding scene).

Anyways, that interaction looks a lot like how Theon died, doesn't it?


There's a battle in the Godswood where Bran is in danger, and Theon defends him... and dies in the process.

Oh, and uh, mom don't worry, he stands next to Robb the whole time.

A Reddit user is the one who brought this up.


Because of course, it was. I swear, Reddit is the primo place to find all sorts of foreshadowing and bits and bobs about shows that you would never have seen before. Unless, of course, you're a Redditor.

However, the thread mostly derailed into people who missed Robb.

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Everyone was talking about how much they wanted the character back, how things would be much more different if Robb was still around.

In fact, they talked about how if Jon and Robb were together, the "Game Of Thrones" would be much different.

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Jon is an awesome tactician, Robb is an awesome field commander, the two would be so awesome together.

Maybe so, maybe not. Game Of Thrones tends to be weird that way.

They also talked about if Sansa was involved, then the North would rule.

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Which, I'm sure gets the Stark fans amongst my readers really riled up. I mean, as a Lannister guy, we've got all three children still alive and... well, I guess Cersei is still on the Iron Throne.

Anyways, Alfie Allen had a great send-off to his character.

This Instagram post with a simple </3 is enough to make me tear up a little bit... I'm not crying you're crying... okay, go to the next segment, I need to dry my tears!

And that's about it!


What did you think about Theon's send off?

Did you think it was a good end for his character? Or did you think it should've been wiener-related? Yeah, you're right, probably the latter.