'The Office' Will Be Leaving Netflix Sooner Than You Think

For those of you that became fake fans fans of The Office after it went off air in 2012, chances are you fell in love while watching it on Netflix.

As an OG stan, I owned the first seven seasons on DVD, okay? Look it up sweetie.

But look, the more fans the merrier — right?

However, tragedy might strike soon as NBC announced they're looking to launch their own streaming service.

Yep, that means shows like "The Office" and "Friends" will not return once their contracts run out.


According to CNN, that means 2020 for Friends and 2021 for The Office.

NBC joins a host of other networks determined to launch their own streaming services.

Disney is launching theirs this year and WarnerMedia plans to lauch its own service by the end of the year.

So what does this mean for Netflix? It means they gotta pull their *ish* together.


Luckily for us, there's still time to re-watch seasons 1-7 (I refuse to acknowledge seasons 8 and 9) at least a dozen more times.

Let's get to it!