Parrot Arrested By Brazilian Police For Warning Owners About Drug Raid

There is no one more loyal than a beloved pet.

From the largest Saint Bernard to the smallest hamster, when we make animals part of our family, they feel a certain amount of attachment back.

Okay—maybe your hamster doesn't care much for loyalty, but pets with enough intelligence to be properly trained definitely understand what it means to protect their owners.

Parrots are particularly intelligent when it comes to training.

No need to listen to your bird say "Polly want a cracker?" over and over again.

Parrots will mimic voice patterns to the point where you can even train them to use swear words when they're frustrated, or tell you that they love you when you arrive home from work.

One parrot living in Brazil has been trained in a rather interesting way.


A couple running a drug den trained their bird to warn them in case of a police raid.

The parrot, who remains unnamed, was taught by his owners to shout 'Mama, Police!" at any sign of unwanted visitors.

Police were conducting a raid in Vila Irmã Dulce when they discovered the bird.


After the parrot's owners were arrested, he sat obediently on the counter top while police cataloged bags of crack cocaine.

After hearing the bird speak, they detained him in the hopes that he would provide additional information.


The parrot was initially taken to the Teresina Police Department.

Am I the only one who doesn't understand what the heck is going on here? I can't be the only one. They arrested a bird and brought him in for questioning.

Police attempted to question the parrot, but he wouldn't crack.


Officers reported that the bird was silent through the entire interrogation process, providing no additional information that could help the case.

"Lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing," one officer stated.

An environmentalist went to the station to try and get the parrot freed.


And no, she did not have to pay his bail.

Jaqueline Lustosa argued that the drug traffickers should get time added to their sentence for the environmental crime of seizing wild animals.

Thankfully, she was able to get him released.


The parrot has now been moved to a local zoo, where he can share his crazy drug bust stories with some new bird friends.

We hope that he's able to move past the whole ordeal.

Your loyalty is commendable, unnamed parrot. You served hard time, but now you're a free bird and you have the opportunity for a fresh start.

Is parrot parole a thing?

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