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Video Shows Mom Pregnant With Triplets Doing 'Baby Mama Dance' To Induce Labor

When a pregnancy reaches the end of its term, it's natural to feel some conflicting emotions about it. On one hand, many pregnant women report feeling incredible about the journey that comes when a life grows inside of them.

On the other hand, that journey can come with enough aches, bouts of morning sickness, and other challenges to make that due date seem very attractive.

And as we'll see in the full video, that "OK, you can come out now" feeling can be expressed with a particular dance.

The dance in question was created over five years ago, but people continue to break it out for a particular occasion.

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Both the dance and the matching song were created by Cameron J, who performed it via his character, Starrkeisha, on his YouTube channel called Random Structure TV.

And the "been pregnant for way too long" lyric goes a long way to explain its enduring popularity.

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In the full video, Cara Chatwin dubs her video of this dance the "triplet version" since that's what she was carrying and mentions going into labor at the start of it.

And if, as the video's title implies, that was her reason for doing the dance, she wouldn't be the first to try and induce labor this way.

Although she did a different dance, People reported that Australian fitness influencer Emily Skye explicitly hoped it would help her induce labor after trying "every single trick and old wives tale."

Although there's little evidence that dancing actually does this, research has uncovered a connection between labor and dance.

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Namely, that certain dance therapy programs have been found to reduce the intensity of pain experienced during the active phase of labor.

These dances are usually done with the support of a pregnant woman's partner, and Chatwin's case is no exception.

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Her husband, Darik, danced and lip-synced alongside her as their daughter, Gemma, wandered about when Darik wasn't carrying her.

As the Chatwins didn't write this song, not all of its lyrics necessarily apply to their situation.

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This is particularly true with lines like "get the child support and pay my rent" and "baby daddy broke, better hope he hit the lotto."

However, Cara definitely earns the right to sing the "drop it down, down low" part with gusto.

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After all, despite having three almost fully developed babies inside of her, she maintains the balance necessary to hit moves like this.

The triplets were born about a month after the family did this dance challenge.

According to Darik, they spent 20 days in the NICU, which is considered a pretty short stay. All three reportedly came home healthy.