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This Video Of Khloé Kardashian Getting Her Knee Sucked In Bali Is Grossing Fans Out

For this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and Khloé headed to Bali to participate in a healing ceremony with world-renowned healer, Mas Joko.

But they may not have known what they were in for when they decided to explore their spirituality there.

And the internet...well, the internet had some opinions.

The Bali trip is a central part of this season of KUWTK.

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The whole gang headed to Bali in October of 2018.

This was way before the Tristan-Khloé-Jordyn Woods drama, but it looks like Khloé was in need of some spiritual healing even back then.

There's a ton of stuff going on with the trip.

One huge moment from the trip involves Khloé and Kourtney coming to blows.

Kourtney decides to straight-up pick a fight with Khloé by saying — out of the friggin' blue — "Khloé I was just thinking, you complain a lot."

Khloé bounced from the table immediately.

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It looks like she had no time for Kourtney's role as the instigator.

During her one-on-one with the camera, Khloé said:

"Kourtney's comments, they just make me want to slap her in her [expletive] mouth."

Only a sister could make you that truly mad, tbh.

So, it's safe to say that Khloé needed some decompression time.

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And what better way to do it than to participate in a healing ceremony?

It was led by Mas Joko, who Khloé said is highly sought after.

"People from the States fly to Bali to see this man."

Kim joined her.

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The two wanted to get in touch with their spiritual sides.

Or, as Kim said:

"I love connecting with the spirit world."

Khloé agreed, adding that they were open to the spirit world.

They're both big believers.


Kim said, "I believe in everything." And it looks like she really meant it, too.

Khloé corrected her, though. "Except for unicorns, you don't. And mermaids. They're real."

Kim looked pensive.

"I don't know..."

Kim and Khloé were alone with Mas and their translator.


...And the entire KUWTK camera crew, of course.

They were obviously very honored to meet him.

As Mas began working on Khloé's feet, he told her (through the translator) to try not to think too much, and to breathe slowly.

He then moved on to her knees.


He pulled out a wood straw and put it to her kneecap.

It seems that there was something off about Khloé's knees in particular, so that's where he focused most of the healing on.

He kept the straw in place...


...and then began sucking at her knee.

After he was done one round of sucking, he would lean over and spit into a wooden bowl he'd placed next to each knee.

Khloé took it in stride.


Aside from a mouth twitch or two, she actually kept a straight face and allowed him to do his thing.

This was only one part of the ceremony that he performed, but it's the one that has gotten the most attention.

PS, it sounds like Kim thought they were going to see a medium


Talking about the experience afterward, Kim said:

"I think I was looking more to like, connect with people that had passed on."

I think maybe she should have googled what Mas did before going? Just a thought.

Anyway, the internet was baffled.

This simple Tweet starts us off. This person found it disgusting, which is...a choice.

Who knows if that ceremony was real or not, but it's always good to try and respect cultural ceremonies.

But anyway.

Okay, a point was made.

But I'm sure that Khloé, who works out...seemingly all the time, actually, is fine.

I wonder if her knees bruised, though? It looked like he was pressing the straw pretty hard into her knee.

Fran sort of got it right.

She may have misspelled "Khloé," but she was bang on the money: the healer's attempts to warn Khloé away from repeating mistakes were prophetic.

And all of this was before the Tristan drama!

This gif is almost always applicable.

When in doubt, pull out the confused taxidermy gif and let it speak for you.

I am also confused about what went on here. If anyone actually knows, feel free to explain!