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The Haters Come For Jessa Duggar After She Posts Pic Of Her Son Drinking Starbucks

I'm getting so tired of people thinking it's okay to constantly mom-shame celebrities online. It's almost like they're constantly being watched and judged, and can't post anything without getting heat.

This time, people are criticizing Jessa Duggar after she let her son enjoy a drink from Starbucks. Luckily, people were quick to defend Jessa againt all the online haters.

Jessa Duggar is the proud mom to two adorable boys and recently announced that she and her husband are expecting their third baby.

Besides social media posts, Jessa and her family document their lives through the TLC show Counting On

Even though Jessa is a pretty well-known reality TV star, that doesn't stop the online trolls and haters.

Jessa has even taken it upon herself to shut down the shamers before they have a chance to think.

She told any potential haters she, "Beat ya to it," when she shared this photo of her boys playing barefoot in a truck .

However, it seems that everything and anything will upset the shamers these days.

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This time, they took issue with this photo of Jessa's son, Spurgeon, enjoying a drink from Starbucks.

Jessa let her son finish off her vanilla bean frappucino from the popular coffee chain, and shared photos of him getting every last sip.

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"First time to get to finish off that vanilla bean Frappuccino.

Of course, almost as soon as Jessa posted the photo, the mom-shaming began.

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One commenter incorrectly said that it was, "against the law" to give children coffee.

First of all, vanilla bean frappuccinos don't contain any caffeine or coffee. They're basically a milkshake.

Secondly, while it isn't wise to give children caffeine, currently, there aren't any laws that prohibit it.

People were quick to defend Jessa.

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A lot of commenters had to fight back and tell the shamers that there is no caffeine in this drink. None! Zero! Hopefully, this clears things up.

A lot of people sympathized with Jessa.

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When will these mom-shamers stop?! They seriously have an issue with every photo Jessa posts. Enough is enough, people!

Even Jessa's sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, commented on the photo.

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She said she hoped, "it didn't keep him up late," but it's unclear if she meant the sugar in the drink or whether she thought it might have caffeine.

Can we just leave moms alone?

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Every parent is free to make their own choices when it comes to what their kid eats and drinks, and they are the ones who will deal with the consequences.

Jessa hasn't responded to the mom-shamers yet, but I bet when she does, she'll be her usual sassy self.