There's A Fan Theory On How To Kill The Night King But It's Actually Really Sad

The battle for Winterfell is about to begin on Game of Thrones, and the living have no chance against the dead.

But what if the key to defeating the White Walkers has been in front of us all along?

Spirals in the Snow


The late Mance Rayder said it best: "Always the Artists."

The White Walkers have a tendency to leave dead bodies in a spiral design.

If you've seen this symbol, you may already be dead.

The Last Hearth


You may have noticed that the spiral made its return in the season 8 premiere.

The Night King left a message for the living on the wall of The Last Hearth.

Burn Baby, Burn


These are not random symbols, and Mance was right. There is some artistry here.

This is the closest thing we've seen to communication from the White Walkers.

They're not very talkative.

Children of the Forest


Recognize that shape?

It's the spiral shape around a weirwood tree, which is a sacred object to the Children of the Forest.

Remember, the Children created the White Walkers.

The Big Mistake


The Children hoped that the White Walkers would be their weapon against men.

Instead, they turned against them.

However, it seems that the White Walkers may still draw upon the Children's magic.

The Killing Theory


Reddit user zyuko22 has shared his theory that this is the key to killing the Night King.

They believe that sacred objects for the Children are also sacred to the White Walkers.

The God's Eye


This is another White Walker original, signed by the artist!

It's not a spiral, but the theory holds that this represents the God's Eye.

That's a famous lake where the Children made their peace with the First Men.

Find It on a Map


We have actually been near that location in the show. It's located near Harrenhal, the burned fortress.

In the middle of that lake is a grove of weirwood trees.

It's believed that it's the source of the Children's magic.

Kill the Night King


If the God's Head is the source of the Children's power, wouldn't it also be the source of the White Walker's power?

It's an untested theory, but potentially, burning the grove could kill the Night King and all of the White Walkers.

One Down, 100,000 To Go


On the show, killing a White Walker kills the zombies (wights) around them.

If the Night King goes down, wouldn't it stand to reason that his creations will also be destroyed?

Bran Stark


Victory can't simply be that easy. There has to be a price.

That price might be Bran Stark's life.

As the Three-eyed Raven, Bran's otherworldly powers come from the Children.

The Three-Eyed Raven


To hear Bran explain it, he's not really Bran anymore. Instead, he's simply the Three-Eye Raven now.

If the God's Eye falls, the Children's power may be gone for good. Even Bran may be harmed.

A Life of Tragedy


Bran's life has been forever changed from his accident in Winterfell.

Jaime Lannister threw Bran out of a window, and nearly killed him.

His legs have never recovered.

The Raven in Training


Bran sacrificed a lot to become the new Three-Eyed Raven. He even lived in a freakin' tree!

More importantly, Bran furthered his own ongoing tragedy by leaving his humanity behind.

Family Matters


Bran openly says that he isn't Bran Stark. Instead, he's very open about the honor of being of the Three-Eyed Raven.

But even Ravens can fall in the war with the White Walkers. If he does, it will add another layer of tragedy.

The Starks lost their brother once. They can't lose him again.